Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weigh-In For Week 4

239.8!!! Out of the 240’s, baby! Woo hoo! Okay, in all honesty I actually stepped on the scale first thing and it read 240.0 and I was very frustrated (come on; give me that percentage of a pound, I thought), so I stepped on again and it showed 239.8. So then I checked two more times, just to be sure, and it read the same: 239.8. Maybe I burned that fraction of a pound stepping up onto the scale the second time!

As promised, I am posting a progress picture today and updating my measurements. I am putting both of these into my sidebar as well for easy reference. So, without further ado:
Weight - 239.8 lbs (-14.8)
Bust - 47.0 inches (-3.0)
Waist - 46.0 inches (-2.0)
Hips - 54.0 inches (-1.0)
Arms - 17.0 inches (-0.5)
Thighs - 31.0 inches (-1.5)
Body Mass Index - 37.6 (-2.3)

I wore the same outfit to try and make comparisons easy (sorry, Larkspur, I know you were probably hoping for something more original!). So far I don’t see much of a difference at all, but I was pretty much expecting that so I’m not worried. The measurements are nice, because they do show a loss. In fact, when I add up all the numbers I have lost a total of eight inches from my body so far (actually ten inches, if I account for the fact that I have two arms and two thighs). No wonder my jeans have been feeling slightly loose!


  1. Congrats on being out of the 240s!!! Woo Hoo!!! Maybe you burned that .2 with stress?? Whatever the reason-congrats!!!
    And you may not have noticed much of a difference in your progress picture, but I sure did. Wow! A definite difference!! Keep it up, you are doing great!!

  2. I can see a difference too -- in your arms and in your sides where your arms rest. I bet if you posted them side by side the differences would be even more apparent. Congrats on getting below 240!! That's pretty exciting! :-)

  3. You're disappearing before our very eyes.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Congrats. I love going into a new "decade". Its a great feeling. Look at the pics again, you can definitely see the difference, look at the space between your knees - your thighs are smaller so your knees are closer together!!


  5. Congratulations!! I can see a difference in the pictures.
    Woo Hoo on a new "decade"!

  6. 1.5 inches off each thigh is terrific. Attagirl!

  7. WOO-HOO!!!!!! You're doing great & I can definitely see a difference, too. Keep it up :)

  8. Great Job, I love it when the tape measure shoes a loss it. I gives me a boost I sure it had you too. I can see a marked difference in you pictures:0)

    Well Done


  9. I'm excited for your progress, good job! Send some of that good fortune my way!

  10. Yay! In the 240s - great achievement!

    And there is a difference around your midriff, your arms hang straighter - go you!

  11. Awww... now that's what I call an outpouring of support! Thanks everyone!

  12. I can see a difference! Congtrats! You're whittling away at yourself! =)