Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yay & Blech!

The first person asked me today if I am losing weight! Now granted, it was my mother, but I am still really happy with the confirmation that it is just starting to be mildly noticeable. It was extra nice that she emphasized that she could really tell the difference.

On a more disturbing note, the first thing I grabbed to eat this morning was the last banana - slightly spotted on the outside as it has been in the house for a few days. I peeled the first couple of inches and took a few bites, then peel a little more and notice an oddly dark, tiny bruise further down the banana... with something sticking out... and moving. Yack! It was a tiny worm! Needless to say that sucker was quickly double bagged and tossed.

Ugh. I hate the thought of live critters in my food. Yes, I know I eat meat. Yes, I know there is an acceptable amount of bugs that always ends up being finely ground into bread products. But... ewwww! I'll tell you this much: the apple I have beside me right now sure got a thorough inspection.


  1. yeah, i'm not a big fan of bugs either. i like to pretend that stuff like that doesn't happen.

  2. Oh my god. That's terrifying. I'd be in like post traumatic banana shock for weeks if that happened to me. Yeep and ick ick ick. I generally eat a banana every morning but I might end up skipping tomorrow. Blech.

    On the other news, congrats about your mom noticing! That's fabulous. You've already lost a good bit, it's possible others have picked up on it but haven't wanted to say anything yet.

  3. Yuck, never come across that before:(

    Great news about your loss is being noticed by your mum, it's just the beginning:)


  4. I would be traumatized! I still don't eat plums from people's trees at their homes after biting into a worm as a child!

  5. Well, I had a bowl of worms for lunch and was disgusted to find a little piece of banana in there. Damn Japanese grocery store!

  6. Ewwww... reminds me of when I had a fly in the bottom of my coffee. At least you did not eat him!

    Congrats on your mom noticing! I bet it felt great!

  7. Having people notice is one of the most awesome feelings in the world, isn't it???

    And I don't think I would have handled the banana thing at ALL well. I'd probably still be screaming over it!

  8. Ok, did not know bits of bugs were ground up in my meat. WTFREAK! Gross on the banana too.

    Who cares if it was your mom....someone noticed!


  9. LMAO at Jack's comment!!!

    Hey girl! I just found your blog. I, too, am a thirty-something year old with nearly 100 lbs to lose!! I started in June needing to lose 92 lbs...I've lost 29 so far...I see you're doing great also!! Yay!! :)

    I also have 2 bananas in my fruit bowl that are getting a little ripe...was going to eat one totally just changed my mind, lol, totally.

  10. LMAO!!! I feel so bad... I think I've ruined bananas for everyone for a while!

  11. Congrats on your mom noticing! WOo-hoo!!!

    EWWWW about the banana. Just ewwwww. lol

  12. Ugh at the banana - will check mine quite thoroughly in future.

    and well done on your mum noticing - it is often those closest to us that don't notice so much, so that is a biggie!

    Well done!