Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick Thoughts In Point Form

  • I am low on produce so I am hoping to walk to the grocery store tonight for a combination of healthy shopping and exercise.
  • I finally had to turn the heat on today which makes me worry about the weather changing and having fewer options for outdoor activity.
  • I ate heavily early on which has left me feeling significantly less snacky that usual.
  • My next progress pictures will be taken in less than a week and I don’t see any real difference in the mirror which concerns me; I wonder if the problem is that I am not doing enough to lose inches or if I am just being too critical of myself.
  • My energy is not very high today.
  • I noticed yesterday that when I get off the ground from doing crunches or something, I don’t struggle nearly as much to haul myself up and my knees don’t creak and ache like they were.
  • I just realized that my followers list for this blog passed fifty today which makes me really happy and appreciative that I have so many great readers out there!


  1. If you're moving easier, not struggling to get off that ground, then your body has changed and you're being way too critical of yourself! I could only dream to have as many followers as you! Cheer up, you're doing great!

  2. I can not wait to see your pictures and don't worry you have changed. Don't worry about the cold weather embrace it because you could be in Texas under temp. in the high 90's. Continue on your wonderful road trip and good luck.

  3. It's hard to see the differences when we see ourselves every day. I'm sure there's a bigger change than you realize.

  4. Yay for progress pictures.. yay for less snacking.. yay for less struggle getting up.. yay for followers..

    lots of things to be happy about I see. :)

  5. We're all our own worst critics, right?

  6. I'm betting that we will see a difference in your photos! I can't wait to see them.

    And as for the weather change, I'm worried about that a bit too, but I figure that I can still walk and run in the rain. I'm not sugar, I won't melt. :-)