Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weigh-In For Week 5

I am down over 5 pounds!!! Wow! I can't believe I actually got over that milestone loss... I'm just so happy right now! I know that had I done my second weigh in at the end of the first week and not simply a few days in that I probably would have seen it then, but I did - and so I didn't. Now I get to see it!

I was actually thinking that my losses were starting to slow a little, but I think the class that my husband and I went to, combined with really pushing myself beyond the exercise norm a couple days ago really, well, tipped the scale. Seriously, I am thrilled! 234.4 pounds is now my official weight.

I would also like to mention that I nominated Diane at Fit To The Finish for Best Health Blog at the Blogger’s Choice ’09 Awards. I find that her posts are always thought-provoking and have really inspired and motivated me (like so many of you do - and I absolutely mean that genuinely), so I wanted to offer her a little recognition. As for noting the huge impact that all of you have had on my journey thus far... THANK YOU!!!


  1. I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for the nomination! You are very sweet, and you are motivating other people every day too!

    What an awesome weight loss. In just a month you have lost 20 pounds!! That is absolutely awesome. I think you will hit your goal before July of next year!

    Thanks again.

  2. You're very welcome, Diane. I just noticed the twenty pound mark myself after I posted.

  3. Fabulous weight loss!! Way to go girl!! Keep it up!

  4. Congratulations on such a great loss!! That's so impressive. Clearly you have been working really hard!

  5. Gobsmacking Acheivement Congratulations


  6. Holy shiitake mushrooms! You are soaring! Good job!

    And what a wonderful thing to nominate Diane, she is a daily dose of inspiration!