Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some New Things

My husband and I tried walking on the local track today to try and mix things up a little from the typical strolls around our neighborhood. I enjoyed it since it was something different. It made me think back to the last time that I went around that track, when I had decided that jogging was the best way to help me lose the pounds and shrink my waist. What was I thinking, starting up a program like that without any lead in? Obviously it didn’t work out (pun intended) but it does make me wonder a bit if I would be more successful now that I have actually already started improving my fitness.

I managed thirty-five minutes on my recumbent bike today but my right knee started aching part way through for some reason, and at the end I just had to stop from the annoyance of the pain. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t have continued to work through it, but I would hate to have done that only to end up damaging the joint more. It was a shame though since my energy levels were high and I’m pretty sure that I could have done another ten, or even twenty, minutes more than I actually completed had I not been contending with a sore knee.

I tried my hand at creating another salad this evening:

- 4 cups green leaf lettuce, shredded
- 1 cup canned Mandarin oranges, drained
- 2 Tb. walnuts, chopped
- 2 Tb. dried pumpkin seeds
- 2 Tb. dried cranberries
- 1 light Laughing Cow wedge, crumpled

I was really quite pleased with the taste. I found that the variety of flavours worked to it’s advantage. I should mention that it was the first time I have tried Laughing Cow, and I hadn’t realized that it was more of a spread than a harder cheese. Nevertheless, I managed to break off small pieces to add to the dish and I thought that it’s subtle taste turned out to be a nice contribution to the salad as a whole. I used Eating Right’s low fat blueberry and pomegranate dressing to bring it all together.

- 11 glasses of water throughout the day
- 2 cups of Caesar salad with light dressing and whole grain croutons
- 1 toasted whole wheat English muffin with strawberry jam and light peanut butter
- 2 cups of Flavour Fusion Salad with low fat blueberry and pomegranate dressing
- 2 cups of celery with 2 Tb. Mexican cheese spread
- 3/4 cup of fat free peach yogurt with 1 cup Force Active cereal

- 1 hour of walking completed in 2 outings (20 minutes long and 40 minutes long)
- 35 minutes on the recumbent bike


  1. You are doing amazing!! Sorry about your knee, but you did right it is better to stop then to hurt it more!!

  2. That salad sounds really good!

    It's fun to walk in new places. I like to walk in different neighborhoods, especiall the older ones, to look at all the pretty houses. lol

    Great workout--sorry about your knee.

  3. The knee is doing well, but we'll see how it fairs when exercising today, and - yes - the salad was really good in my opinion.

    Jo, I love looking at the old houses too: they have so much character!

  4. I fancy that salad, I think I may give it a go next week for lunch:)

    Hope your knee is holding up.