Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Keeping On And Moving More

It's much cooler than it has been here, and the threat of rain hints at me from the pale grey overhead clouds. I was hoping to go for another walk this evening with my husband, but it may have to be the stationary bike instead if the precipitation decides to fall. I have plans that I have to get ready for right now, so I won't be able to get in any exercise until later.

I am thinking about upping my 2.5 pounds weights to the 5 pound ones, but I am not sure I could to a whole five minutes with them yet (I like the round numbers). Also, I did squats for the first time yesterday. They weren't too bad since I only did them in sets of ten, but I used to do wall squats and be able to have more control over the movement while being able to do a few more, so I may try those again instead of the normal ones.

If anyone is interested there is only four hours left to vote on my latest poll in the post called Water Logged. I'll be sure to post the results later.


  1. I'd say there's no harm in trying out the 5 pound weights, and switching to the 2.5s if it ends up being too tough. While obviously safety is concern number one, after that I think it's better to challenge yourself too much than not enough.

  2. Weights, squats and lunges will help you drop the weight really fast. I started a weight lifting class in late July and I have lost about 6% body fat. When I lived in Seattle I saw people jogging, walking, biking and running in the rain. I could not believe it but after 2 months I was doing it to. All forms of exercise is good so keep doing what you are doing. Just thinking about exercise is a workout for the brain. Enjoy your day.

  3. Squats build character... or at least that what my psycho trainer says! :)

  4. Ha!!! Thanks for the giggles! Also, I forgot about lunges...

    Okay, I just did ten for each leg! Whew!