Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Take It 'E'sy

Enjoyment, education, entertainment, excitement, experience, and exercise. Six great concepts that all start with the letter ‘E’ and half a dozen things that I was able to put into practice all at once today.

What might this adventure have been, you ask? My husband planned a surprise outing and we ended up taking a swordplay class. It was awesome! Wow, did I ever sweat! They make you work pretty hard, plus I still have that type of body where a little movement goes a long way so I am feeling really tired now.

The instructor started us off with about ten minutes of warm up moves that included lunges, stretches, and throwing a medicine ball. We also played a game where three objects are tossed around the circle from person to person in an attempt to keep them moving but not ending up on the ground; that one got my heart rate up too since there is a lot of bobbing and weaving involved.

Finally we got to the swordplay which required a lot of balance and a good dose of both upper and lower body strength. The footwork is very specific so my legs and glutes got a workout, and the swords aren’t exactly light so swinging them around as much as we did has left my arms slightly limp.

I had an incredible time and I am so happy that I had fun while doing something that is great for my body. Now I just need to explain to my husband that suits of armor are not easily justified in my health plan as appropriate walking attire.


  1. I took fencing in college and it was a WORKOUT! How cool for you! I tried Zumba today-- another calorie chewing workout that was fun (mostly!)

  2. Oh, that sounds like so much fun!! I really need to find something like that. Are you guys going to do it regularly or was it just a one time thing?

  3. Hooray for a fun and fabulous workout with the hubs! Glad you enjoyed it so much. :)

  4. Wow that sounds way fun! What a nice surprise.

  5. It was so cool! I would love for us to find a way to do it as a regular thing, but finances right now are as tight as everyone else's (blah, blah, blah) and the course aren't cheap. We will see, but I am doubtful that it is feasible for now. If we win the lottery though...