Friday, October 2, 2009

Bony Protrusion

It's been a bit of a low activity day so far which is unfortunate. I am hoping to turn it around, but I have a few things to take care of that may cut into my working out time. We will see what I am able to make happen, but I'll do my very best to ensure I get some sort of exercise before the day if out.

I had a strange moment yesterday. I was with my mother, having a nice meal of beef and broccoli in a restaurant, when I bent down to scratch an itch at the bottom of my right leg. All of a sudden I got this concerned look on my face and my mom asked me what what wrong. My hand had stopped on a weird, bony protrusion and I had no idea what is was.

It was my ankle. Yup. It really didn't take me more than a second to figure it out, but I checked on my left leg just to be certain and - sure enough - discovered a second bit of bone jutting out just like the first. Both of my ankles are no longer surrounded by layers of fat. I guarantee that will probably be the only strange lump that I will ever be okay with finding.


  1. Where I used to live in Bangladesh, you'd have to cover those sexy ankles, because they are consider to provocative to show!

    Here's to finding more bones in that body in the near future!

  2. Haha, a similar thing happened me the first time I found my hip bone.

  3. I had that hip bone moment too - I kept grabbing my husband's hand and pressing it on the bone going 'feel that! isn't it amazing???' lol (he thought it was slightly icky, but I'm pretty sure that was down to my reaction!
    It's a great feeling, I still check every so often that the bones are still there! (especially if I'm feeling bloated - it cheers me up!)

  4. It was definitely an unexpected change!

  5. lol, I found my ribs, sternum and hip bones in the last month.....such an awesome feeling. :)

  6. lol! Me too! ankles, hip bones!
    It's like being 2 again and discovering your body!
    It's really an ego boost!
    Here's to more self-discovery!

  7. Hah, I'm finding all kinds of bones that I only knew about before by hearsay! Enjoy!