Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where Did The Time Go?

Something that I have taken note of over the last few weeks is that the amount of time that it takes me to complete a particular exercise seems to be significantly less than it was when I first started. It really isn’t, but it feels like that is the case.

I know that I have improved my walking speed, for example, by approximately seven percent. I do go faster. Yet that is not what I am delving into here. What I am referring to is the concept – not the actual passing – of time.

When I ride my stationary bike, go for a stroll, or do a few sets of stomach crunches I am less in tune with the actual number of minutes that tick by than I was when beginning this journey. I do not realize that an hour has passed, but rather often estimate half that time when exercising now.

It is so strange to think about how I felt every single moment of my workout before. I would push that last little bit of energy that I had into finishing a five minute set or counting down the seconds until I reached whatever fitness goal I was attempting to achieve in that moment. I was very aware. Now I lose track of how long I have been at something and am constantly surprised to learn that I have been active much longer than I suspected.

The reality is that, yes, I am indeed completing most of my exercises in a slightly shorter time frame than I was in the past. This is not significant enough though to account for the speed with with my workouts appear to pass. I love that my mind is playing tricks on me! If I can just learn to apply this technique to my annual physical…


  1. Ah, you're doing great! When I frst started walking, it took me over 30 minutes to walk a mile -- now, it's less than 20.
    I think time does pass faster when you're motivated and inspired!
    Good for you!

  2. I agree. Maybe because it is easier now. Or maybe because you enjoy it more now than when you started ( I know I do).

  3. Oh you have a new picture! Wow!! You can really see a change! It looks like even your feet are smaller! Way to go.

  4. Hey Lady,
    I've been catching up on your posts and WOWZERS!!! You are doing so great!!!! Incredible!!! Fantastic!!!!
    Congrats, keep it up!!!

  5. That is so cool. Can't wait until I feel like that again! :)

  6. It sounds like your body has simply become stronger and has more endurance. That's very encouraging!

  7. I have noticed the same thing happening to me. Don't you just love it?

  8. Oh thank God it's going to get easier...I'm barely hanging in there with the exercise!

  9. I am on the other side counting the minutes but you inspire me :-)

    You can totally see the difference in your new pic!! Your tummy is way flatter!! Yay for you!!!

  10. Trust me, I am super happy that it has gotten a bit easier... although, of course, this is the case the majority (but not all) of the time and I do reserve the right to complain outright at any workout I wish! Lol!