Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Months Behind, And A Life Ahead

Today marks two months of blogging and officially being on this journey to better health and a lower number on the scale, so I thought I would take a quick moment and look at my statistics. In the last sixty-one days I have lost over thirty-five pounds and - when considering the measurements for my bust, waist, hips, both arms, and both thighs - twenty inches from my frame. I would say that is a big accomplishment!

On top of those numbers, I have also gone from a size 24W to a 20W jean and discovered that my tops are now fitting longer due to them not having to hang over quite so many layers of fat. My body mass index has dropped from a high level two obesity reading down to level one. I even notice differences in the mirror which is huge considering I have always been my own worst critic. To top it all off I have figured out that I have dropped over thirteen percent of my body weight since beginning this blog. I am pleased!

Onto another topic I would like to profusely thank Irene from Livin’ Large for bestowing another Over The Top Blog Award unto me today. I received this accolade a little less than a week ago from a couple of fellow bloggers, so for now my answers will mostly remain the same. I will report differently on several of them though since those questions are based more on the situation which has changed since last Wednesday. Thanks again, Irene!
6. Your dream last night? Inconsecutive
13. Where were you last night? Celebrating
18. Last thing you did? Drank
19. What are you wearing? Robe
24. Your mood? Charged


  1. congrats on your two months~

    - Lisa

  2. Congrats to you on the 2 month marker...the amount of weight you've lost in that short period of time is just awesome. You're really doing great! :)

  3. I had half a mind to give you your own Milestone award for reaching this two months!! But I'm saving it for something else...I KNOW you'll get there!! I really love that award! Anyway congrats on and happy 2-mth anniversary!! Here's to many more months of healthy success!!

  4. Congratulations, that is awesome. I can only hope to achieve that feat. Keep up the great work.

  5. happy anniversary!! :-)

    you are doing so great. such an inspiration. twenty inches is incredible!!

  6. You should be very pleased at your progress so far! Keep it up!

  7. Your weight loss rate is amazing! And the inches lost is a major accomplishment. Congratulations 266!

  8. Your stats are amazing!!! You've definitely found the "secret" to weight loss. I hope you are giving yourself a great reward for your efforts and success!

  9. Gratz on two very successful months! Now we have to call you "219."

  10. Amazing that is what you are.
    Inspiring that is what you are.
    Marvellous Numbers, Congtatulations!!



  11. Girl, you are a rock star. 35 lbs and 20 inches is such a great achievement.

  12. You are all very sweet and I can't even begin to tell you what your support means to me! :)