Thursday, October 29, 2009

Getting Off My Duff

Just a quick note to say that I am feeling pretty confident that I will have the time to get in a good walk today. I am still running around like a madwoman, but I think that this afternoon I will probably have the opportunity to go from one errand to the next via my own two feet! I can't wait!


  1. Even puttering around should be burning some calories so that is a little bonus for being busy.

  2. I made my exercise a must,,,,like: I must feed and cloth the kids, I must not do heroin, I must not commit adultery....The must, the no choice aspect has really worked for me. I just don't allow any other option. In the military it wasn't a discussion so I took that mindset and applied it to me now. I hope things ease up soon.

  3. Ditto for me "running around like a madwoman" hope things slow down for both of soon.

  4. You sould like a woman enjoying the "madwoman syndrome" you have extra energy and verve now:)

    You Go Madwoman!!!


  5. ~Sould = Sound ~

    I must learn to read what I write before I send


  6. I did, indeed, get a really good walk in so I am feeling great about that! Now if I can just get back into that as a habit...

    Cmoursler, I wish I had your discipline! Maybe it is an excuse, but I genuinely have felt like I haven't had the time on those days that I have only done the bare minimum on the exercise front. I am not normally this pressed for time, which is a good thing, but I am not sure what else I could give up to get the workouts in too when things are like this. Trust me, I have given up huge chunks of sleep just to accomplish what I have been up to! Lol!

    Sheilagh, you are correct! I admit that the sadist in my loves feeling useful and well utilized!