Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walk This Way

Tomorrow will be my first official 5K walk. I was going to try and go to bed earlier than usual tonight to make sure that I am rested for the event, but that seems unlikely at this point. I’m not sure my husband is overly pleased with having to pry himself from the loving arms of sleep so early on a Saturday just to stand around and wait for me to cross the finish line so he can take my picture, but he is supporting me regardless so I can’t really complain.

I am pretty nervous about what the morning will bring. Once - many years ago and due to a last minute decision - I participated in the starting portion of an organized walk, but I was with friends and happily bailed with them about twenty minutes in when they didn’t want to continue to the end. Other than that this is my first exposure to anything along these lines.

I spoke with one of the event organizers and they are expecting between 100 and 150 people, which I was initially happy to hear because I figured it was fewer people to embarrass myself in front of. Now, I keep thinking about what it will feel like if it turns out that all of them are hardcore runners and I am the only walker. Like I said, I am getting more and more anxious the closer I get to that start line.

Another thing I am worried about is the route. I haven’t seen what the path for this race looks like, but I believe it runs through a park which makes me wonder if it will be more like a trail. I paced out a 51 minute 5K just a few days ago but that was on pavement. My goal is to push myself and try to come in under 50 minutes – even if only by a few seconds; I just want to be able to finish sometime in the 40’s – but I don’t know if I can do that if I am walking on gravel or a dirt road. On top of all that it is currently pouring rain outside which I am certain will make for trickier footing regardless of the type of surface we will be treading on. Ahhh! Why am I so nervous?

I am actually also feeling excited about the prospect of doing this 5K. Not only will I be able to take part in something specifically associated with physical activity in a way I never dreamed I would be able, but with my registration fee I will also be supporting a charity that benefits children. Even though my nerves have a firm grasp on me right now, the end results of participating tomorrow definitely seem like they create a real win-win to me!

- 11 glasses of water throughout the day
- 1 cup of beef and broccoli
- 1 toasted raisin English muffin with 1 wedge of light Laughing Cow, tomato, and pepper
- 4 cups Greek salad with lettuce, black olives, onion, feta cheese, and oil dressing
- 2 plums
- 1/2 mug of heated caramel macchiato soy milk
- 1 carrot with fat free rancher’s choice dressing

- 1 hour and 10 minute walk
- 20 sets of walking up and down stairs (not all at one time)
- 4 sets of 50 stomach crunches (2 straight, 1 right, and 1 left)
- 2 sets of 5 push ups
- 2 sets of 2 minutes of weight lifting with 5 lbs per arm
- 4 sets of 15 squats
- 35 minute step workout video


  1. You will be fine!! Have a good time :=)

  2. Good Luck...You will do great!!!

  3. Best of success! You'll be F*A*N*T*A*S*T*I*C!

  4. Good luck!! I'm sure you will love it so much that when you get home you'll immediately post about finally feeling ready to start c25k! ;-)

  5. As someone who has done NUMEROUS 5ks, let me assure you of a few things.

    1. You will finish, because you've put in the work and done the distance.
    2. You will have a BLAST. Enjoy the time before the race too when everyone is just standing around mentally preparing, it'll all be over before you know it.
    3. Run/walk YOUR race, don't worry about other people.
    4. Whether there are other walkers or not, you will have fun DURING the event. Because even if you are the very last person, you know you have your hubby at the finish line cheering you on.
    5. Say 'good job' to those who are coming back, they are usually zooming but will take time to share a kind word.

    You've got this, this is yours, have fun and no stressing.


  6. Thanks, everyone! Josh, I really appreciate you taking the time to give me such great advice!