Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weigh-In For Week 8

Whew! The issue from earlier has been resolved with my poor, dear friend left exhausted after she parted ways with her significant other. I wish I had more time this morning to post about my updates prior to having to leave so unexpectedly to support her through this difficult time, but I needed to be there for her and I am able to make up for it now.

The one thing I was able to note this morning was my 3.8 pound loss since last week's weigh-in. I am thrilled that the numbers are moving downward, but I must admit it was the tiniest bit irking to see the figure on the scale today since yesterday morning I was 0.2 of a pound less. I know! I know! Fluctuations, many reasons, bigger picture, blah, blah, blah... It was just a minuscule annoyance, but in the spirit of accurate recording I am writing my feelings down.

My measurements on the other hand, exceeded my expectations. They showed very similar drops to what I had last time which is great because I was thinking that I would see less of a loss due to the initial momentum potentially slowing down. The exceptions to this are that my bust lost less than last time I did an update and my hips lost more. Really, I couldn't ask for that to have gone better for me though, so I am definitely not complaining!

Weight - 223.8 lbs (-30.8 from start / -16.0 from Sept.)
Bust - 45.5 inches (-4.5 from start / -1.5 from Sept.)
Waist - 44.0 inches (-4.0 from start / -2.0 from Sept.)
Hips - 51.5 inches (-3.5 from start / -2.5 from Sept.)
Arms - 16.5 inches (-1.0 from start / -0.5 from Sept.)
Thighs - 29.5 inches (-3.0 from start / -1.5 from Sept.)
BMI - 35.1 (-4.8 from start / -2.5 from Sept.)

And for the pièce de résistance, here is my progress picture:
I still have trouble telling if there is much of a difference from last month, but I had a couple great NSV's today that I will be writing about later that make me think that perhaps I am being too critical of myself. I do know that when I compare the photograph from the start of this journey to this one I can see some changes. So maybe there is hope for me yet!


  1. Hi 266!
    You do look better and better! Congratulations. :-) What a good motivation for me. Yes, all this because of good nutrition and exercises, every day. Keep going!

  2. Haha, ok so I opened these 3 pictures side by side.. and I can see HUGE difference between each one. Your arms, forearms, waist, hips, thighs.. all of it.. holy crap girl!

  3. Have you noticed also that there is more space from sides in the frame #3?

  4. I can see MASSSIVE changes - you are definitely looking a lot slimmer! Well done on the brilliant loss again this week - I am impressed!

  5. Thanks, everyone! My Own Two Feet, I will try that sometime in the near future... maybe seeing it that way will convince me more! Luize, I admit that I have noticed and am feeling pretty good about it. ;)

  6. I can see huge changes, not only in your waist, chest and hips, but also in your shoulder, arms and ankles. Wow!

    I think it's so nice of you to spend time with a friend who needed it. That's what friendship is all about.

    Congratulations on all you have accomplished. Have a great Sunday!

  7. I can definitely see the difference. Great job!!

  8. I can see a huge difference! You are doing fantastic!

  9. I too can see a big difference. You just look so much slimmer over all! I definitely recommend looking at the photos side by side. That's when you'll be so blown away that you'll keep them open on your computer for weeks. :-)

  10. You look great! Also, only 23.9lbs before you are in the one's. Yes!!!

  11. There is a huge difference. You are doing wonderfully. Keep up the good work. Not long now and you'll be out of "Twoterville" and into "Onederland". Yeah!!!

  12. You guys are great! Thank you!

  13. Your arms!?!?! WOW! So encouraging!