Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Does That Mean My Brain Is Shrinking Too?

I am taking up less room in the tub when I have a bath. This is really neat. Honestly, I still sort of feel like a bit of a beached whale while in there, but I can tell that I am displacing less water now and that my form does not so neatly fill the whole of the basin. So, there is definitely progress there.

Also – and this is an odd one – I realized yesterday that I seem to be producing less ear wax. Not to imply that my body created a large amount prior to making healthier choices, but since I have started this journey I am certainly less aware of any minor build-ups. It’s strange the things that you notice when you drastically alter your lifestyle.

Despite changes that I am noticing, the majority of the people in my life are still apparently unaware of the fact that I am losing. My husband gets full disclosure, and my mother knows about the majority of the changes I have made, but most friends and family still seem to be oblivious to what I have been doing and how hard I have been working at it.

My mom did tell me that my head looks smaller. I chuckled when I heard that because I couldn’t figure out whether it was a compliment or not! She meant that my face has thinned out a bit from the weight loss which means it looks littler atop my still rather large body. I’ll take it! Praise is what you make of it.


  1. yeah! on the tub displacement! I realized something the other day but so far the only person that I asked hadn't experienced the same thing. If you are curious LOL Friend4life0 @ has to do with a body part

  2. you have got to love mothers. The down side of taking up less room in the tub is a higher water bill lol. Pretty sure your brain is the same size...but I would get worried if your head keeps shrinking, it could cause headaches. lol.
    Keep up hte awesome work. Your weight loss drops are relly impressive.

  3. LOL at the comment from your mom that your head looks smaller!!

    As long as you seeing the differences in your body, and clothing dont worry too much about what other people see or dont see...its weird, one day you wake up and you see huge changes so does everyone else around you.
    I started at 82kgs and only when I got to about 74kgs did anyone notice a difference...

  4. Mothers say the kindest things sometimes....not!! Although it sounds funny coming from her mouth, I'm sure you would have rather her notice the other body parts that are CLEARLY smaller that we all see.
    Keep it up. You're doing super!

  5. Yeah, I wasn't really sure what to make of that comment at first! Ahh, my mom... she's so special!

  6. You know, now that you mention it, I have noticed less ear wax in my ears, too! Isn't that odd??
    Moms have such a way with words sometimes, lol!

  7. I am so eager to try the bath!! It hit me one day when I was showering that I might be able to bathe now without overflowing the tub with two inches of water. I'm so used to never, ever, ever taking a bath (unless I'm at a hotel with some super fancy tub) that it kind of blew me away to even consider it.