Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thank you!

I avoided the cheesecake.

After last night's post I actually felt better, more focused, and able to understand my own strengths and shortcomings a little more. Writing about how I was feeling was very cathartic and I think that I will be able to turn to that entry for clarity in the future if I once more find myself teetering on another ledge.

This morning I awoke, more at peace and not quite as ready to pounce on the next chocolate bar that I saw, but was still a bit down. I wasn't quite where I needed to be to face this day without risk. Even though I was hoping to get through this Thursday unscathed, the thought of pizza was still playing close to the surface of my mind.

But then I read all of your comments. Thank you. You are an unbelievably kind and supportive group of individuals and your words have made an enormous difference. Everything that every one of you wrote rang true to some degree for me, and I now know that I am able to face this world - and my problems - without burying my head in a tub of ice cream.

Thank you so much! Your encouragement is richer and more satisfying than any cheesecake!


  1. Now I feel like a big, fat jerk! lol So sorry I missed the last post....really sorry!! I'm glad you made it through w/o ending up face down in a cheesecake, like I have many times in the past. But that's just it's in the past. That's not how we're going to handle things anymore, is it? Neither one of us. We're stronger than that...we're better than that...we want more for ourselves...even in sadness. I'm very proud of you Brittany for hanging in there and riding out the rough times. That says so much about what you want for yourself. Love ya' girl. :)

  2. The best part of marking your progress on a blog is that you can look back on the low times and see how far you've come. 11 months ago, I wrote on my blog that I was unable to do one single full push up. The other day I was able to note that I'd done 140 push ups in under three hours.
    I /love/ that part of keeping a blog!

  3. I ADORE THAT FINAL SENTENCE and it's so why I blog and read blogs as well.
    There's nothing better than the unflagging support of the virual world.

    hope today is an even better and brighter one.


  4. Tammy, you are the last person I would call a jerk; you're one of my favourite bloggers, girl!

    Merry, looking back on all of these snippets in time will undoubtedly serve me very well in the future!

    Ain't it the truth, Miz!? What would we be without our support systems?