Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Poor Eating Habit I Never Anticipated

I am up way too late, so I am just posting my food, beverages, and exercise for the day. Ugh! I’m not happy with myself; I ate far too little today and I didn’t even realize it until I wrote it all out just now. I did not expect to be under eating while busy, which I should have since I have done that in the past. I will have to make sure I force myself to make the time to do better tomorrow.

- 8 glasses of water throughout the day
- 1 Mandarin orange
- 1 banana
- 1 toasted whole wheat English muffin with light peanut butter and strawberry jam
- 6 whole wheat crackers
- 1/2 cup of dried cranberries
- 1 sip of pumpkin spice coffee
- 1 large mug of chai pumpkin spice steamed soy milk

- 35 minute walk with jogging intervals


  1. Are you tracking your food intake on-line anywhere? If not, may I suggest SPARK PEOPLE (it's FREE!).
    I've experienced great sucess since joining in mid-April!

  2. well, you know i've been there, and i never thought i would either - just be careful, and think about how you're gonna have to write it down here and be accountable! that's what got me to focus on course correcting :-)

  3. spark people is awesome to track with - I've been wondering if your eating enough that past few postings...are you eating meat at all?

  4. I agree with Angie P. I have been reading what you are eating and it didn't seem quite enough.

  5. First of all, congratulations. Your weight loss blog is an inspiration. You must have amazing willpower.
    But your food lists seem small to me, too. This is no criticism of your achievements, but be careful not to cut so much that your body goes into "starvation mode". Your metabolism will drop, and it will be harder and harder to lose weight in the future.
    Also, you don't want to be too far from a NORMAL light diet, since this is not sustainable. You can't live off of fruit, an English muffin and a few crackers for the rest of your life.
    You don't want the return to normal eating to be too much of a shock to your system, because you'll only end up gaining and yo-yoing.
    Best of luck to you. I'm rooting for you.

  6. I've just been insanely jealous that you could eat so little!?! I wondered if you didn't post the entire day's food! :)

    You're definitely getting results! I look forward to the both of us eventually reaching our goals. Keep going for it 266! Follow your heart/mind - you're a smart one!

  7. I know my intake yesterday was horrific! I don't have time right this moment to check back on my previous posts to look at how much I have been eating lately, but I am fairly confident that it has not changed much since I spoke with the fitness/dietician guy about it back in September (or was it August) and he told me I was getting enough of everything. I will keep these words in mind though and take a peek when I have more of a free moment. As for looking food, I don't think it would work for me to have to do more recording than I do now... I want this to be sustainable and I think that type of structure would end up being left behind fairly quickly. Thanks for all the insightful comments, everyone!