Monday, October 5, 2009

The Unregimented Regimen

After yesterday’s incredibly difficult hike, I am not too sure what my plan is for exercising today just yet. I am not sore – which was a complete, yet pleasant, surprise when I awoke this morning – but I am not sure it is a great idea to push myself too much following such a great physical exertion either.

It really is a bit of a juggling act, trying to get in different types of workouts while ensuring that no one body part has too much strain put onto it. Yet, at the same time, I find that the way I implement activity into my life to be quite freeing.

I have discovered that not having a set plan, but simply doing something physical every day, works in ways I never thought it could. I generally like organized and set schedules and have utilized that type of exercise plan is the past. Of course, all of those attempts at weight loss eventually failed.

Now, I am finding that opening up the range of possibilities has really helped me to succeed. I never feel like I have faltered if I do not perform in a particular way. I do not view workouts with disgust. I actually look forward to being active, rather than dreading something that I am tired of or just outright dislike doing. Like everything else I know there is a chance that I will need to reevaluate in the future, but for now this liberty has allowed me to enjoy physical activity in ways I never dreamed possible.


  1. I too like to have set plans and try to be organized. But then feel like a failure when time (or whatever my lame excuse is for the day) does not permit. It is liberating to go with the flow sometimes isn't it?
    Congrats on your hike!! I'm impressed.

  2. I want to comment on your pictures. Aren't you pleased? I sure would be!

  3. Yay for liberty! I love the Exact Brand Epsom Salts, with the methanol in them, found at Loblaws chains. (anywhere that sells President's Choice products) A soak in those helps with the muscle aches. I can't imagine how sore you are after that hike!!!????

  4. You are doing so great... I can't believe you weren't sore after that hike. Color me impressed.

  5. I've been waiting all day for the stiffness to set in or to suddenly feel some sharp pain come on because of the hike, but there is nothing! I feel so lucky that I didn't cause myself injury doing something so out of my realm of comfort. Larkspur, I have to admit, the more I look at my photos the more I see the changes. It's a big part of why I cut the heads off on here... to see them more objectively, without thinking about how I am looking at me. I do think that I am coming along!

  6. Thanks for the tip, by the way Dawne. I'll keep my eyes open for those!