Friday, November 6, 2009

Competing With Myself

I'm a bit late posting today since the morning started off with a tiny bit of a hurried feel. Things are calmer now though and I am hoping that I will get some good exercise in a little later. This is the last day before my progress picture tomorrow, so I am going to try and veer towards those fruits and veggies and push myself with the workout a touch. There's nothing wrong with trying to get a tiny leg up on these things and I always find that I am most competitive when it comes to myself rather than others. I'm not sure if this makes any sense, but sometimes it really helps that I occasionally want to show myself up and simultaneously feel pride over kicking my own butt. I know... I'm strange.

Just so that everyone know, my latest poll will be closing in less than twenty-four hours. But, as of right now, you still have nearly a full day to cast your vote!


  1. Looking forward to the picture!

  2. I hope you like your picture, I am sure we will see major progress.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. We won't have to wait much longer! I'll take the photo and post it in the morning!