Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Should Have Been A Cheerleader

As I am sure many of you have guessed, because I have not left comments on your posts yet, I am still having difficulty finding the time to catch up on my blog reading. At this point I am sure it will take me a full day of staring at the computer screen to do so, but I am still determined to follow through! Anyhow, because I am pretty much out of the loop as far as all of your journeys go, I wanted to throw out a lifeline to any and all individuals who may be having a hard time.

You. Can. Do. This.

I believe in you! You have more than enough potential, will power, and sheer stubbornness to get you through any rough patches. Yes, sometimes it is harder to discover your strengths than at other times, but it is there. It is a part of you, and you absolutely will overcome any and all obstacles.

Think about how badly you want this! You would not be reading these words – going from one weight loss site to the next and perhaps working on your own – if you didn’t know that this was important. Things may be tough right now. Maybe they are frustrating or annoying or downright awful. Perhaps you have serious problems going on in your relationship, issues with your children, or difficulties with your health. But, this too shall pass.

In the long run, the determination that you show now will only feed the hunger you have for further successes later. And, if you simply cannot find what you need to carry on today, remember that tomorrow should not be based on mistakes made before the moment you are currently in. Move forward.

The future you is waiting and they want so badly for you to make this happen. Make a stand now and you will see the benefits! Why not put off giving up for just one more day? And then another. And another. That’s the type of procrastination you will be able to live with!

You know that this power is within; if not, then you would never have finished reading this post since it wouldn’t have applied to you had you truly been wanting to slack off or stop altogether. You want this. You need this. And you can make it happen. Honestly, I believe that this is your time!

I repeat: you can do this!


  1. Thanks for the pep talk. This blog following business can be overwhelming at times. I often find myself without the time to keep up with everyone. Don't worry about it. Just keep doing what you're doing and keep focusing on where you want to be. When you get some free time, check in with some of us, but don't do it at the expense of talking care of yourself.

  2. good post, people need the
    g..o.....g....o....go! lol

  3. Im all about the selfcare and, many days, to my husbands chagrin.
    Trite but true if I dont place the oxygen mask on ME FIRST and then help others Im useless!!

  4. I'm so outta the loop, I can't wait to read abot how everyone else is doing!

  5. I know I am late to the party... by a few years. I found this post so moving that I wanted to say thank you. I needed to hear this today.