Saturday, November 21, 2009

Official Start To The Christmas Challenge

I wasn’t very hungry today. I tried to eat in a fairly balanced manner even though I was not consuming quite as much as I normally do. I am not really sure what was up with that, but I eat both when I am hungry and to keep my metabolism up, so I got most of the day’s food because of the latter factor. My body is really strange sometimes.

I went for a long walk this evening since it was finally not raining, but about three-quarters of the way through my stroll it suddenly started to pour! And then it hailed! And then there was lightening! Needless to say I was soaked and I am fairly certain that Mother Nature thinks she is a pretty funny gal right about now. It serves me right for trusting the weather this time of year.

I finally went and got myself that massage that I said I would get for going from a level two obesity rating to a level one over a month ago. Sometimes it takes me quite a while to get around to myself; there is usually so much going on that it’s hard to remember that I count too, but I am working on that! The massage was really nice and I tried to spend the time thinking about all that I have accomplished on this journey. The mind tends to wander, but I did focus on it for a little while. It was nice to pamper myself and I think that the next reward will be a weekend away; I need to save up though so we will see when that happens…

I am going to make this the official starting entry for the Looking to the Future Christmas Challenge. Due to my being further west than most others, and because I have a fairly odd schedule, I know that I often post much later than everyone else. To me, this is still Friday night. I would hate to think that me not giving people an early enough opportunity to leave their beginning comments was reason to slack on the first day! Ha! Anyhow, I hereby open the floor to all fourteen participants (including myself) for their starting statistics and statement of official goal, as well as to anyone else who may decide last minute that they want to partake in the fun – and possibly win a cool prize. Good luck everyone! Let the games begin!!!

- 9 glasses of water throughout the day
- 1 banana
- 3 cups green salad with spinach, tomato, mushroom, onion, red pepper, broccoli, cucumber, grated cheese, and fat free Caesar dressing
- 1 small mug of herbal tea
- 1 Mandarin orange
- 3/4 of a ham sandwich on brown bread with cheese, lettuce, and mayonnaise
- 3/4 cup fat free apricot and prune yogurt
- 1 cup of celery

- 2 hours of walking completed in 2 outings (1 hour and 35 minutes long and 25 minutes long)
- 45 minute step workout video
- 60 stomach crunches
- 7 push ups


  1. Goal: Lose 10 pounds.
    Current Weight: ???.? (Tomorrow morning is my weigh-in; I will post it then!)

  2. Goal: Get to a normal BMI of 24.9.
    Current BMI: 26.1

    So, today I weighed in at 179 lbs., 1.2 lbs. up from Thursday, my official weigh-in day. I need to get to 171 lbs. to be normal. Well, I'll never be normal, but you know what I mean.

  3. Good Luck to Everyone participating in your Christmas Challenge!

  4. Goal: Lose 12lbs by the end of the challenge (average -2lbs per week).
    Goal 2 (almost more important to meet this one!): Get back to a daily gym and/or exercising routine. I've totally dropped the ball on exercise!
    Current Weight: 242.6 lbs
    Goal Weight: 230 lbs

  5. Morning!

    Weight Goal: 10 pounds total

    Exercise Goal: add "The Firm Supercharged Sculpting" at least 3x's a week

    Current Weight: 147.8
    Goal Weight: 137.8

  6. Good luck to all of you! By the way 266 how many calories do you think you eat in a day? Keep up the good job! I always look forward to reading your blog daily.

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  8. Current weight: 148.2
    Goal weight: 136

    1.8 lbs up from last Wednesday)I expected a gain, it is what it is....I'm moving on:)

    My official goal is to lose 12.2 during this challenge.


  9. My daughter erased everything I typed and managed to send it lol....Sorry about that:)


  10. Well I weighed in this morning and I am up 2 lbs from a couple of days ago and I know not want to share TMI on my first challenge post :) So my goal is going to be to lose 12 lbs (10 + the 2 I'm hanging on to right now). My other goal is to get serious again about exercising. I have had some issues with my hip but now is the time to get my groove on.

    Good luck to everyone!!

    Start WT: 189.2

  11. How far west are you? I'm in Vancouver and that storm was crazy last night!

    I'm new to your blog but I want to participate in the Christmas challenge because i do not want to loose control!

    current weight 175.6
    goal weight 170.6

    5 pounds slow and steady!

  12. Great stats, everyone! Together we can make this work!!! Michelle, I don't actually count calories, but when I figured it out for about a week back in September or so I was averaging around the 1200 mark. Jujulime, I am not too far from you and, yeah, the storm was awful.

  13. By the way...
    Goal: Lose 10 pounds.
    Current Weight: 200.4

  14. I'm a little late here!
    Goal: Lose 10 pounds
    CW: 282

  15. Leave it to me to be the last one to post...typical, lol. Actually, it's amazing I even remembered that today I was supposed to check in for the challenge...I'm still in such a fog....

    Goal: Lose 10 lbs. & keep going to the gym 5 days a week (I made it there this morning)

    Start weight: 222.4 lbs.

    Hope you're having a good weekend.

  16. My goal is to lose 10 pounds
    Current Weight 204

    Hoping to get to One-derland next week....we will see.

    Thanks for the motivational challenge through the holidays.