Sunday, November 8, 2009

Enjoying The Ride

I am in a great mood! I had a wonderful day yesterday and some fun things planned for today which I am looking forward to as well! I am so excited to continue with this journey and I have several significant numbers to slip past on my way to goal still, so that is just feeding my motivation right now. Next stop: one-derland!

I am going to take advantage of this wonderful feeling and do my best to convince my husband to take a really long walk with me a little later. It is okay weather for now and I am hoping that it continues to hold off on the rain so that we can get out and be active. If not, I will simply substitute my workout video or recumbent bike. I just love the walking though and it always leaves me feeling refreshed and like I accomplished a specific task when I am done, so I really hope that works out.

Other than those plans, there is not too much on the horizon. I am enjoying the weekend with my darling hubby and just sort of playing it by ear. Christmas is right around the corner and I know that there will be plenty of time to focus on really specific plans then. For now, I’m just enjoying the ride!


  1. Christmas right around the corner? Shut your mouth!

    Glad you're doing so well tho.

  2. I am not believing that Christmas is so close. Our Christmas savings deposited into our account last week and I was shocked.

  3. My gosh, you look so shapely and fabulous. Aren't you proud of yourself!

  4. i'm going to throw you an internet-comment party when you hit onederland. you are so motivational! glad you're in a great mood :-)