Friday, November 27, 2009

Snow: A Musing

There are still lots of chances to swing by my giveaway post! Joanne has also very generosity offered to join in, matching the donation dollar for dollar, so we now have an opportunity to raise $400! Keep those comments coming, people!!!

The day is dry, although the cloud cover does look rather threatening, so I am planning another trek outside as soon as I am able. I am not a huge fan of walking in the rain although I will do it, but it is the approaching promise of snow that really lets me know my days of enjoying the great outdoors may be limited. I am not exactly the most graceful of beings and the white stuff – though lovely in its own right – just doesn’t tend to agree with my footing. I am hoping that it stays away as long as possible since I do not foresee myself venturing out much at all in streets covered with a layer of glittering snow.

I don’t have a whole lot else on the agenda for the day. Depending on how the walk goes, I may try and get in an exercise video as well. As far as food is concerned, I think that I am doing well and staying on track. Weigh-in day is tomorrow and I am feeling optimistic about that; we will see how it actually pans out.

Also, I only have one more week until my next progress picture and measurements. I am not nervous about it, but I am also not expecting to see huge drops since there has only been four weeks since the last update, rather than the nice cushy five weeks that I had the luxury of enjoying between October and November. I know that I had a slower time moving past the onederland milestone, so my weight hasn’t dropped as significantly as it has in the past either. There are still eight days until then though, so hopefully I can pull off a little magic!


  1. Hiya,

    I've just found your blog - wow at the pictures!! Absolutely incredible! Congratulations :D

    Will look forward to reading more about your successes, Carly x

  2. I hope you didn't have to walk in the rain. I will do it too, but it's not an enjoyable experience at all!

    I can't wait to see your progress pictures. I found that the closer I got to goal the more difference just a few pounds made.

    Have a great Friday night!

  3. your progress pics are amazing - can't wait to see the next one!!

  4. That was cool, I am glad you guys are doing that for the hungry. Good luck on your pictures. I hope you see the progress you've m

  5. You guys are good... now I'm looking forward to the pics more than I was before! Diane, I never looked at it that way; maybe a lower drop really will show up more since the percentage lost is very similar!