Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick Or Treat!

I survived! Not only did I get through my first Halloween without stuffing myself to overflowing with chocolate and candy, but I also made my way through a very tempting hors d'oeuvres table for a dear friend’s birthday party this afternoon without doing too much damage. One of the very best things that I did for making this journey successful was finally comprehending that no food should ever be viewed with the thought that it could be the last chance to eat it. Getting that destructive thinking out of my head has served me immensely!

I did, however, have way more carbohydrates and sugars than I have been, but I also feel good about the choices that I made since I planned ahead and remained flexible, and I did not feel like my cravings made my decisions for me. I was prepared to have a small slice of cake at the party, for example, and when I found out that there were two types of desserts I opted for a tiny portion of each instead of a bigger share of only one. Also, with it being Halloween today, I was very pleased to discover that my husband had remembered to purchase the small amount of candy corn I tasked him with a few weeks ago. I normally don’t eat this late at night, but I admit that I am finishing off the last couple of pieces from my allotted quarter cup of the sweet tri-coloured candy as I write this. The great part about this particular indulgence is that I am enjoying it without any guilt or consideration of consequences because it was planned so far in advance!

Another sweet treat that I had today had nothing to do with food, but rather a surprising non-scale victory. Getting ready to go out for Halloween this evening, I decided it was time to try on a particular dress that I bought to wear at a masquerade a few years ago. I wore the beautiful piece only twice before I hung it up – due, of course, to my expanding waistline – with very little hope of ever being able to wear it again. Tonight I put it on, but then had a moment where, when I asked my husband to do up the zipper, I was sure it wasn’t going to close. But it did up! In fact, there is a part that ties at the front that I needed to adjust since it was not cinched in tightly enough! I haven’t worn this dress in three – or maybe four – years, but I was able to comfortably walk around in it today. I even peaked at the label when I took it off and it is a 16/18. I have always found that dresses are nicer with their sizing, so that is right in line with the 18W jeans that I bought last week. I am feeling so happy that this Halloween was all about the right kind of treats!

- 11 glasses of water throughout the day
- 2 Mandarin oranges
- 15 pieces of whole wheat bread with low fat Spinach dip
- 3 cups broccoli, cherry tomatoes, carrots, snow peas, and celery with light Greek dressing and ranch dip
- 1 small spring roll with plum sauce
- 4 bites of velvet cake
- 4 bites of low fat apple walnut cheesecake pie
- 9 pieces of a brown rice California sushi roll with soy sauce
- 20 pieces of candy corn

- 3 sets of 15 squats


  1. Congrats on a wonderful NSV! I have a dress in my closet that's actually 18 years old! YES! It's still a stunning dress and I can't bear to part with it.
    Hoping... praying... that it won't be long before I can reclaim it.

  2. Well done on getting the dress on- that gives you the best buzz!!I am sure we will be hearing more on the wardrobe front soon x

  3. "my cravings did not make my decisions for me" I love that!

  4. I have one more dress in particular that I am looking forward to eventually being able to wear again! I can't wait for that day to come!

  5. congrats on the costume fitting!!