Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pizza And Candy And Cake, Oh My!

Why are so many people born in September and October?! I have yet another birthday party that I will be attending this afternoon, this one for a child, and so I will have to make sure that I carry on the careful, conscious eating that I was doing at yesterday’s shindig. I believe that they will be mainly serving pizza at today’s gathering (which I have not even had once since the start of this blog) so I am going to limit myself to a single slice of that, as well as a few bites of cake, and try to focus on whatever healthier options they have to eat. Also, I avoided gorging myself on the Halloween candy we had in the house for trick or treaters and, if I discover a few remaining pieces that my husband hasn’t yet snacked on, I will be taping them to the little boy’s birthday present as an extra trinket.

Last night I wasn’t able to report on much in the exercise department – although I was very active throughout the day, in a non-workout capacity – so I am hoping that tonight I can do better. I don’t believe that the party will run very late, so my plan is to get in a good walk or maybe to do my exercise video.

I have one more day of relative busyness after today and then I am hoping this second spell of limited time will finally let up. Thank goodness I have been treating my body so well these past couple of months or I may never have been able to keep up with everything!


  1. That's another of the bonus benefits of dropping the weight. You've suddenly got the energy to tackle busy stretches like this.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. You seem so busy. I have to lose the rest of my weight before starting a family so I too will have the energy to keep up.

  3. Good practice for those kids!

    My gosh, 209! You are cookin'.

  4. Good idea about the candy and the birthday present, I was laughing when I saw that!!

  5. You're doing great had an EXCELLENT loss this week...and I know you'll get back to those regular workouts soon! :)

  6. You guys are all so great!!!

  7. it IS such a hectic time of year huh? and you did do great with the exercise.
    you did NEAT (Nonexercise Activity Thermogenesis :))!

    last night? were you able to squeeze in a video?