Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Knowing Is Half The Battle

The last twelve days for me have been extremely busy. I looked back briefly at my entries over the last week and a half and saw that on October 22nd – in anticipation of my suddenly hectic schedule – I pondered at how I would fair with my eating. I am thrilled to report that I managed to keep it relatively under control and that I didn’t even really experience that many obstacles with it. I did, however, suffer a lot of upsets with my exercise, although I am very fortunate in that it did not seem to affect my weigh-ins.

Overall, this bout of deadlines and no time has given me a lot of valuable data, and I think that I will now be able to plan for the oncoming Christmas craziness with more attention paid to the areas where my potential weight loss challenges may be quietly lurking. It’s all about finding the silver lining!

It has been a while since I did a poll, so I figured it was time to engage my readers with another one of these fun queries. I was just wondering, in your opinion would you say that regarding your own journeys...



  1. I wish I did as well under time crunches with a busy busy schedule...

  2. I voted *other* ... impatience is my challenge.

  3. Those busy times are really a true test. Getting through them each time makes you stronger and more able to cope with the next one, even if you slip up a little.

    You are doing great!

  4. I am just SO happy to be back to blogging in more detail... it really helps me focus on the weight loss! Fitcetera, that a good one; I never thought of patience, but I have that same issue.

  5. Patience...why does it take soooo long??? They say you didn't put it on overnight, but sometimes I feel like I did!?!

    Enjoyable post! Great success!