Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Day For The Giveaway

Today is the last day of November and, therefore, the last day to comment on the Celebrating The One Hundreds Giveaway! Please, if you haven’t yet left a remark on the post consider doing so now! We are more than two-thirds of the way to reaching our goal, but there are still lots of opportunities for people to help make my, and the other four generous donors’, wallets a little slimmer! If you missed out on the explanation, every person who leaves a comment on this post means that $5 will be given to help the less fortunate. Also, if a person links back to the post from their blog (and returns to leave a second remark) another $5 will be donated. A few seconds of writing is all it takes for you to make a huge difference, so please think about commenting to help reach the total goal of $500. Thank you!


  1. Wow well your really making your wallet slimmer for sure! Here I am to help! LOL

  2. Thank you for doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I've been out of touch lately, but would love to "make your wallet a little slimmer". :)

  4. You are doing a great job, trimming your wallet as well as yourself.
    Thank you for you kind comment, it meant a lot right now.



  5. You really started something great - I hope we reach the goal!! Too bad we didn't factor in the US Thanksgiving -- not as much blog traffic - dang it. Have you decided what to do with your donation? If you are in the Tri-Cities area I know that Share just had a break-in and lost about $1100 in damages so that could help their shortfall.

  6. Wonderful to have you all comment - thanks! Joanne, originally I was planning on purchasing food for the homeless and hand delivering it, but I will be contacting a couple of organizations first to see if simply donating it would provide more of a benefit to those in need since they can apparently sometimes get better deals. I will post all the details as I have them!