Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 100

Today marks the one hundredth day of this journey for me! I started this blog back on August 12th and, at that point, I had no idea where this path was going to take me. I would love to say that I knew from the start that this would be the time I finally lost all the weight and accomplished my goals, but the truth is I had no idea what would come from this particular pilgrimage to better health. There were so many times in the past when I was certain that I could stay on track and lose the weight, but those strong feelings obviously did not end up being accurate.

Ironically, I am now very confident in stating that I do know that this time is it. More than three months in, and with a completely different attitude and perception framing this experience, I am positive that I have found what will work for me. I have never had any weight loss program last for this long – whether food based, exercise based, or based on utilizing both elements – and I have never thought of the changes I made to my lifestyle as one that would be permanent and sustainable.

After little more than three months of eating cleaner and being more active, I have accomplished a lot! In one hundred days I have:

1. Dropped over fifty pounds.
2. Developed much more confidence in my appearance.
3. Lost more than eight points from my BMI reading.
4. Had most of the people in my life take notice of my efforts.
5. Gone from a 24W to a size 18 jean.
6. Significantly reduced my chances of a heart attack or stroke.
7. Found that I have ninety people I’ve never met cheering me on.
8. Experienced many epiphanies about how to make this long term.
9. Discovered a sense of pride from my progress photos.
10. Collectively taken off thirty-two inches from my body (when considering bust, waist, hips, both arms, and both thighs).

There are so many more things that I could list here, but I thought that these touched on a lot of the biggest achievements. I am so proud of how far I have come in such a short time. Some parts of this journey have been surprisingly easy and other areas have given me much greater difficulty. There has been a lot of hard work involved in getting to this point, but also a lot of great times along the way.

The best part is that this is still just the beginning. I have so much more to learn and share and, really, this won’t ever actually be over. My life has drastically changed for the better because of a decision I made one hundred days ago, and I am truly excited to see where the next one hundred days take me. And after that? I look forward to discovering the gifts and challenges of the next one hundred weeks, and then months, and maybe even years. Who knows? This journey has certainly taught me that absolutely anything is possible!


  1. You are doing so well. What an inspiring list. Keep it up!

  2. Congratulations on Day 100!! You have done a wonderful job!! Keep it up! !I'm with you and I know you can do it!! Here's to an awesome 100 more! :)

  3. Congrats dear. The past 100 days of reading your blog have been so motivating to me. You are inspirational.

  4. Hi Brittany, thank you telling me I got an award of Jenn's blog. I didn't know. I haven't forgotten about the one you gave me, I've just had a really bad couple of days. I promise I'll pick it up and acknowledge it on my blog in the coming days....probably next week some time. Thank you again for thinking I deserve it.

  5. yah you're damn right you've got 90 people cheering you on!! :-)

    i can't wait to keep reading all about where you go from here. it's gonna be alllll sorts of good.

  6. Thanks, eveyone! You are all such a great groupof people and I gain a lot of my strength to keep at this from all of you!

    Tammy, I'm sorry you've had a couple of bad days and, yes, I think that you completely deserve the recognition!

  7. You should be proud of yourself. You are doing awesome. Can't wait to read the next 100 days and yes, I'll be right here cheering you on.

  8. Wow, 100 days! Congrats! So exciting...

  9. wow! I am more than three months in, but everything else was spot on....24 to an 18 and the whole nine yards, it feels good to be wide awake while you are changing your life. I used to dreaM I did, and now i am...and so are you. congrats on being 100 days into your new life.

  10. What a fabulous milestone -100 days! I think I need to seriously start my healthy journey now. Thanks for the inspiration and warm wishes for the next 100. x

  11. You are all very sweet! I am happy to make this milestone too!

  12. I'd love to sign up for the Christmas challenge! I do NOT weigh myself, so I cannot do that. I do photograph and measure myself once a month. The dates of the challenge match up closely with the my measuring myself for the monthly updates on my blog-- so that is a handy coincidence.

    Anyway, I've been consistently losing about 5-6 inches off my body a month. I would LOVE it if for the holiday season I could get an extra inch or two off as a gift to myself.

    I've been really exercising like a fiend in an effort to make these last few weeks of the year count, so I think that my goal is do-able with some determination.

    And by the way, I LOVE the crow. Crows and ravens are special to me. One of my Lakota friends calls me Kangi winyan meaning crow woman--so it will be a pleasure to have a crow image on my blog.

    Anyway, count me in!

  13. Wow - you have done an excellent job in such a short time frame. I have just found you so am looking forward to reading your other 99 posts to learn how your journey has progressed. Your progress pictures speak a thousand words... great job.

    I look forward to sharing the rest of it with you.

  14. Congratulations !!! Your progress pics look great, also. You can definately see a difference.

  15. Enjoy the next 100 days of blogging and here's to all the weight you still going to lose...

  16. That is an absolutely incredible list of accomplishments.
    I hope you are treating yourself to some great rewards!

  17. Thanks, everyone, for the encouragement! Amazon Runner, I took that photo in my backyard! I love crows too - such intelligent birds.

  18. wow! you've made some great progress in 3 months! WOW! thanks for the inspiration! keep it up! --Adrienne