Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weigh-In For Week 13

Yes! Yes! Yes! The scale read 205.4 this morning which means I am now officially down a total of sixty pounds and nearly fifty from just over the last three months! I am so excited and I am feeling pretty confident that I will see ‘one-derland’ by the end of November!

Today is my first weigh-in of the month which means that I had to do my measurements and take my progress picture. And here are the results…

Weight - 205.4 lbs (-49.2 from start / -18.4 from Oct.)
Bust - 43.0 inches (-7.0 from start / -2.5 from Oct.)
Waist - 41.0 inches (-7.0 from start / -3.0 from Oct.)
Hips - 49.0 inches (-6.0 from start / -2.5 from Oct.)
Arms - 16.0 inches (-1.5 from start / -0.5 from Oct.)
Thighs - 28.0 inches (-4.5 from start / -1.5 from Oct.)
BMI - 32.2 (-7.7 from start / -2.9 from Oct.)
The number I am happiest to see is actually for my hips because I have finally conquered the fifties altogether! I am pleased with my picture too. When I compare it to the first one that I took back in August, I can see major changes! And one other fabulous bonus about this week's scale tale? I am now over half way to my goal!


  1. Wow, wow, wow!!! You look fantastic! Keep it up...

  2. Awesome! I see a lot of difference in the photos... you are doing great! Over half way there is a great milestone.

  3. CONGRATS! :)
    I hope to be there some day as well.

  4. That is Awesome, wonderful, fantastic, fabulous, get the drift. You are a great inspiration to all of us. You and I are practically the same weight right now, although you are a little ahead of me. You are so inspirational. I can't wait to get to one-derland either. I am sure we will accomplish this by the end of November. I love that you take a new pic at the beginning of each month, you can really tell a difference. Looking great!!!!!!!!!

  5. WOW--wow, wow,wow, wow, wow!!!


  6. Wow ... you are doing so awesome. You look fabulous! What a huge difference.

  7. You are doing great and are such an inspiration to me! Thanks

  8. I want to be in onederland by december 1rst. Maybe we could keep each other inspired. You pictures really tell the story. You are doing awesome!

  9. Thanks, everyone! I am feeling so great and energized!!! Woo hoo!

  10. Congratulations....what a wonderful weigh in for you...

  11. Congrats! You have done such a wonderful job. I can see such a difference in your pictures. I bet you have a huge smile on your face!!

  12. wowowow. You look great!! Congrats and also congrats on being so so close to the 100's. Woohoo!