Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Short Post

Same old, same old… I will probably do more baking if I have the time. I haven’t had any issues with sampling the goodies yet, so I doubt there will be a problem today either. My schedule is starting to look pretty full for these last few weeks leading up to Christmas though, so hopefully I can keep my munchie side at bay even amid all the scrumptious holiday treats.

I am going to sit down and bike on my recumbent right now. If I don’t, I am afraid I will let the exercise get away from me again, like I did yesterday, and I definitely don’t want that. I have to stay committed and on track!


  1. I always had a bit of a hard time with baking. If I didn't eat any I was okay, but once I started sampling things - Watch out! Enjoy your exercise.

  2. Yahoo to getting your exercise in!

  3. YAHOO for you getting your exercise in!!!! Keep at that up because that baking.. got to be careful! remember, all those little tastes add up so try to keep that to a minimum! I once saw a report on a lady that was eating 1000 calories extra each day by picking at food all thru her day.. it does add up!

    Try to make you time too!

  4. That is encouraging news about the baking as that is something I need to get working on in the next few days. I am thinking of using duct tape on my mouth, lol!

    Well done on the recumbent bike - and enjoy the festive get-togethers in hopefully some new clothes.

  5. Homebaking is my downfall, been putting it off because of the temptation.

    Well done on the exercise.


  6. I need to bake cookies for Christmas Eve, but that's about all I'll do, as the temptation is so overpowering for me.

    I did a little update on the challenge for my post today. It's amazing how this challenge is really motivating me. Thanks so much for hosting it.

  7. Great day, but I'm so busy right now! Eek!

    Amy, thank you for letting me know! I have been remiss with my blog reading due to my hectic schedule, but I will check it out tomorrow or the next day!