Saturday, December 26, 2009

Challenge Check-In And Christmas Cheer

This post marks the final check-in for the Looking To The Future Christmas Challenge. All participants can let me know in the comments section how they are doing with their goals for another entry into the prize draw. I hope you all at least made progress towards your goals or towards the insights which will help you eventually achieve them. Best of luck to everyone in the draw and congratulations to all who managed to stay committed during this very hectic time of year!

For myself, I showed a lot of restraint today, food wise, but my menu still definitely looks like it is the most indulgent day I have had since starting this blog. That’s okay. I made wise choices for the most part, but also stuck with my plan of ensuring that I did not feel deprived. I think this was definitely a victory!

It was a day of wonderful celebrations all around although I am exhausted and very ready to have my head hit the pillow. My husband and I basically experienced four different Christmases throughout the day, but have yet to exchange gifts with one another. We will do so tomorrow once we have had a chance to finish wrapping everything. It’s better to slow down and really enjoy the time with one another rather than to just try and cram more into an already full to bursting day.

So our merry Christmas isn’t quite over, but instead shall provide a little more time for simply experiencing joy, wonder, and love before the return to the normal ebb and flow of everyday life. Hopefully we can all carry that feeling forward with us even further into the coming new year. I wish for all of your Christmases to have been as bright as my own! Happy holidays!!!

- 7 glasses of water throughout the day
- 1 slice of homemade stollen with butter
- 1 homemade Neapolitan cookie
- 1 cup decaffeinated vanilla nut tea with milk
- 6 crackers with salami and cheese
- 1 Mandarin orange
- 1/4 cup unsalted cashews
- 1 mug tea with milk
- 1 white bun with butter
- 4 gherkin pickles
- 1/4 cup canned corn
- 1/2 cup mashed potatoes with butter and pepper
- 1/2 cup coleslaw
- 1/2 cup stuffing
- 1/2 cup turkey with gravy and cranberry sauce
- 6 bites strawberry rhubarb pie
- 1 bite homemade confetti bar
- 2 squares of homemade coconut and chocolate graham crust bar
- 4 miniature Mandarin oranges

- 25 minute walk


  1. I wish I had good news to report on the weight loss front, but alas, I do not. I'm back up over 180. As for insight, I am re-committing today to my plan to eat only when hungry, stop when full, move everyday and drink lots of water. I feel energized now that the Christmas feasts are behind me (literally). Thanks for hosting such a great challenge!

  2. i am down another 3.4 this week... my goal in this challenge was to lose 10 lbs and i just missed it....came in a 9 total with being injured and not being able to work out, i am pretty proud of myself.... and everyone else that participated! thank you for hosting this challenge!

  3. What a wonderful & fun, but tiring time! Isn't always like this at this time of year! You were aware of all you were doing & had a plan & that it great! Enjoy but not overdo & back to it the next day.

    Hope you enjoyed your own present opening!

  4. Hope you get a chance to rest and relax this weekend!

  5. To the Amys, it sounds like you both made great progress regardless of making your end goal or not... I hope you had fun in the challenge and I will do the draw today or tomorrow. Congrats!!!

    Thanks, Jody and Lori! I do believe I will have a chance to slow down soon... whew!

    I weighed in at 183.6 which is 6.8 pounds past my goal of losing 10 pounds for this challenge. Woo hoo!