Monday, December 21, 2009

Inner Dialogue

I had a birthday party which I attended today. After I had eaten some of what was available, I caught myself hovering by the food table trying to decide what else I wanted. I immediately asked myself if I was hungry or just wanting to snack because of the many choices. I actually couldn’t answer so I forced myself to walk away for a few minutes. I am proud of this inner dialogue and even happier that it took place without much effort. This is becoming more automatic to me and I think that will go a long way towards ensuring that my success is permanent.

I ate well at the party and had a great time visiting with friends. The rest of my day was the typical scramble of errands and working on projects that has become my entire life these last couple of weeks. I am sad to report that I let the exercise fall by the wayside too much again today. It’s so hard to find the time, but I really must…

- 9 glasses of water throughout the day
- 1 banana
- 1 whole wheat sandwich with deli turkey, cheese, lettuce, and mayonnaise
- 4 crackers with cheese and salami
- 2 1/2 cups broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms with garden ranch dip
- 4 bites of cream puff cake
- 1 cup grapes, strawberries, and pineapple
- 1 bite chocolate pudding cake
- 2 cups carrots, cherry tomatoes, yellow peppers, and celery with calorie-wise three cheese ranch dressing
- 1 mug of steamed light eggnog and skim milk

- 3 sets of 30 stomach crunches (1 straight, 1 right, and 1 left)
- 2 sets of 15 lunges for each leg
- 2 sets of 15 squats


  1. Way to go with the food decisions-it is so much of the battle :)

  2. I love that you had that inner dialogue! That is how to do it PLUS walk away for a few minutes to think it thru! That is what I do when I want to emotional eat or hormone eat or eat just because. I have an agreement with myself to walk away for at least 10 minutes to think things thru. Most times that does it BUT if I decide to eat. I know what I am doing & the consequences! :-)

    If you can get the exercise in before the day starts, that always helps!

  3. wooohoooo! Good job on asking yourself the right questions! :)

  4. Wonderful - sounds like you are really in the zone!

  5. Great work! Re-evaluating how we make food decisions is key. I've had to do a lot of that latley. :)

  6. Great job on navigating the party! I really like your blog. Congratulations on your progress!

  7. Sometimes I think that having the conscious inner dialogue and making conscious decisions is one of the most important parts of losing the weight permanently. Congrats for all the healthy choices you are making!!

  8. nice job on the inner dialogue - i truly believe that's the secret to maintaining a healthy weight!

  9. Those inner dialogues are the best! I know that learning to have those conversations with myself is doing a lot for me learning to lose the weight and keep it off.

    Sounds like you did great!