Monday, December 28, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

I went clothes shopping at one of the large department stores today since I received a gift card from my in-laws for Christmas. I never once had to wander into the plus sized section! That sure felt great!

I knew they would be too small, but I opted to try on several pairs of size 14 jeans so that I could purchase one in anticipation of leaving the realm of the 16’s within which I currently reside. All of the pants could be done up – some much easier than others – but none of them left me without a muffin-top. I definitely am not a size 14 yet, but I was already expecting that outcome. I choose the ones that fit the best and purchased them so that I now have something to aim for. I am pretty sure that if I was stuck for something to wear I could put them on now and go out without feeling too self-conscious. They certainly had the least amount of stomach poking over the top of the material when done up!

I also bought a couple of simple new long-sleeved shirts and some underwear (all larges). I can’t believe that I am well and truly out of the ‘X’ sizes! I also looked for new exercise pants, because mine start to fall off now if I move around in them too much, but wasn’t able to get any that I felt comfortable in. The one style I liked was only to be found in an extra large or a medium – which were too big and too small, respectively – so, again, the large would have been the size of choice had it been available.

I had some success with a couple of medium sized tops that I decided not to buy. Plus, I tried on a really cute small tank top since I could not find it in a big enough size, but I am certainly not there yet. It wasn’t hideous though… there were lots of rolls, but it did cover everything which I found remarkable.

The one bad part about my fun shopping excursion was that I was so focused on finding new garments, and on my multiple trips into the change room to try everything on, that I didn’t realize that I was getting hungry. Before I knew it, several hours had passed without me eating and I suddenly crashed. I am one of those people who can go and go and go until my blood sugar gets too low and then I am a bumbling idiot teetering on some overly-emotional edge. It’s very rare that I get to that point, but today I did. Ugh! My wonderful husband pointed my towards the supermarket, I got some sushi, and I felt better after just a few bites. It’s amazing how much our bodies really are effected by how we fuel them.

Overall, the day was very good and I am feeling more on track with the exercise. Regardless of the blip with my energy level I know that I ate well today, so I am happy about that too. Things are moving along and I can’t wait to be able to pull those size 14’s on without any hesitation. One day soon… one day soon…

- 8 glasses of water throughout the day
- 1 Mandarin orange
- 1/3 cup corn
- 1/3 cup roast potatoes
- 3/4 cup honey mustard glazed ham with mustard
- 3 cups spinach salad with cheese, croutons, red pepper, dried cranberries, and calorie-wise Greek feta and oregano dressing
- 1 chocolate
- 1 bite of smores pie
- 9 pieces of shrimp combo sushi rolls with soy sauce

- 35 minute walk
- 7 push ups
- 3 sets of 50 stomach crunches (1 straight, 1 right, and 1 left)
- 25 side lying leg raises for each leg
- 15 lunges for each leg


  1. Soon you will be a size 14 - just hang in there!

  2. You will be in a size 14 in no time! Glad you were able to get some food in you. Sushi is the best

  3. Loved the part about not having to look in the plus size section. I'm not there yet, but looking forward to that day.

  4. Can't wait to see pics of you in those 14's! Very exciting! Good thing you got food before fainting! :-)


  5. Size is all relative. I bet there was a day you would have hopped for joy to wear a 16. Sounds like you had a great shopping trip! And there will be more ... in the size 14 department.

  6. It's fun to buy new clothes in smaller sizes. You'll get to your goal. You've done great thus far. Look at the inches you've lost. I have faith.

  7. How wonderful to try on smaller clothes. You have lost so much weight well done.

  8. You'll be to the 14s and then they'll be too big before you know it!! :)

  9. Oh no! Gotta be careful with the hypoglycemia...don't let yourself crash!
    BODA weight loss

  10. Hey, exciting stuff! So close on the 14s!

  11. Sounds like a great time, except for forgetting to eat. I like to throw some nuts in a bag just in case.

  12. Woo Hoo! I am encouraged again! How wonderful for you.

  13. yeah large!
    I had a friend who had an awesome victory today.
    She has been going through the exercising and everything with me and she put a pair of 8's on and slid them over her hips.
    She is this close to wearing them
    I was so happy for her.
    I am happy for you too.
    You will be floating in 14's before long.
    here's to the large being too large.
    Here is a don't let the door hit you to the extra large.
    And here is to a new year in a new body. Congratulations on your well deserved triumph.

  14. I am so pleased for you! Shopping for clothes is no longer the chore it used to be, eh?