Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back On The Horse

After my monumental stumble yesterday I am moving forward, trying to regain some of the ground that I lost (or should that be 're-lose some of the pounds that I gained'?). Whatever the case may be, I am leaving Monday's binge where it belongs - in the past - and I am continuing on with what I know works on this journey. I am planning on trying to work in some extra exercise for a few days in an attempt to hasten the shredding of the consequences of my actions, but otherwise I am keeping this simple and just doing what has brought me success thus far. Why complicate things?

I think that in the past I would have made this recent overindulgence the catalyst to sabotaging myself. I would have either shut down completely and immediately reverted back to my old habits causing me to spiral ever further into the regaining nightmare that I have been a part of again and again. Or, I might have attempted to punish myself by limiting my food or by trying to perform unrealistic workouts beyond my comfort zone; this would inevitable lead me to give up altogether because I simply can't live up to those sorts of expectations.

One day. I messed up just one day. It won't undo all that I have done and it doesn't really make sense to drastically change anything at this point. I am doing well and I simply have to stay the course in order to see the results that I want.

I will eat clean. I will be active. I will be kind to myself. This works and it is for life!

- 10 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 2 scrambled eggs with spicy cheese, frozen spinach, and pepper
- 3 1/2 cups celery with light peanut butter
- 1 small Mandarin orange
- 1 cup spicy rice
- 2 slices brown sugar and mustard glazed ham with mustard
- 1 pear

- 40 minutes of the C25K program (Day 1 of Week 8)
- 40 minutes of walking completed in 2 outings (both 20 minutes long)
- 1 hour and 5 minutes of rowing a dragon boat


  1. excellent post, and most excellent ideas.
    Thank God every 24 hours we are granted a sunrise and a clean slate...It was 5 lbs, not 50..onward and downward mcduff.

  2. bigbigBIG victory in just leaving the past in the past and trudging onward.
    Some days are easier than others.
    Some days are BETTER THAN OTHERS.
    Regardless we need to just git back up and try again.

    xo xo,


  3. You are exactly right, it is in the past. You are approaching this the most healthy way possible. Congratulations on not letting it be the catalyst for sabotage and for not letting it deter you from your ultimate goal!

  4. I think you are very wise to just move forward. Really, I gather there is some evidence that the occasional "high calorie day" (or pork-out) improves your leptin levels and counteracts metabolic slowdown. Have a great day.

  5. Yay, let's get back at this! I posted a response to your comment on my blog. I suggested that you do your clean-eating thing, and I'll be very strict with my plan of calorie-counting and exercise for those three days, and we keep each other accountable. How does that work for you?

  6. Exactly!!!
    One day will not undo all the good you've done. If anything, it was a reminder that this is hard work, that you are human, and that you can overcome!

  7. Great job. It is turning away from those bad days and back to the good that make the difference!

  8. You can't punish the binge away. Like you said, just leave it behind you and continue on your normal business.

  9. I have wise, wise blogging friends, I tell ya... :)

  10. It is a lifelong journey. We all have stumbles in life & we get up & move on. The same with the weight loss journey... just move on... you are doing great!

    Tomorrow my post has some cool things I heard about how to keep moving forward!