Friday, March 26, 2010

Skirting The Issue

First of all, I want to send out a big welcome to Lisa and Leah who have decided to join the Three Day Jump Start Challenge! I’m so excited to have people join Lainey and me for this brief excursion into reestablishing good, healthy habits!

I also wanted to mention that I bought a skirt yesterday! Now, that may not seem like a very significant venture to anyone else, but I can’t remember ever owing something like this. There’s nothing really special about it… except that it comes to above my knees! For me, this is a huge deal. The only ones I have ever owned in the past have been very unstructured and quite long, and even those were only pulled out to wear on extremely rare occasions.

But this new skirt is red, relatively body hugging, and adaptable to wear as either a shorter, high-waisted option or to be worn just above the knee. When I was in the store buying it, I mentioned to the sales person that my husband would be blown away by the fact that I had purchased such a garment and, sure enough, when I modeled it for him later he commented about how he has never seen me in anything quite like it. I think it looks really cute and just the simple fact that I thought to try it on – let alone buy it – is a big non-scale victory for me. I will be wearing it tonight and feeling fine!

I also had a bonus experience to go along with buying the skirt. I needed to get some stockings to go with the newly acquired piece and ended up buying some cheap one-size-fits-all hose, and I actually had no problems getting into them when I tried them on at home! For anyone who has ever been obese it is no secret that one-size-fits-all is generally known to be a complete lie, so I was skeptical. But apparently I can now categorize myself as one of the masses because they fit just fine. Sometimes it’s nice to be average!


  1. Would love to see the skirt even if it is a headless photo ;-D

  2. ME TOO! What a wonderful NSV!!!! Your hubby might not want to go out after you put that on! :-)

  3. What a great non-scale victory!!!

    Don't know if you want updates on our challenge, but I decided to update each night. Here's the link to mine.

    Thanks for starting it! :)

  4. It's a new you!!!! You've got to post a pic in it! If it's anything like your New Year's pic, it will be HOT!

  5. Wow! How great to be average. Congratulations!No one else knows what that means unless they have been with us unaverage folks...

  6. Picture is up!

    Leah, I will definitely check that out tomorrow!