Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mid-Week Weigh-In

Time for a reality check. 158.4. That’s almost five pounds up from my last official weigh-in, just three days ago. Due to yesterday's binge some of it is from bloating, but some of it is a genuine gain. I have no idea if I will be able to get it back off by this Saturday, but I am going to try.


  1. 266..Recognising the fact that we are capable of taking back old habits bit by bit is one thing...it sounds like being comfy in our own skin, thinking we can do this stuff now - that we have the control enough to hit whatever damage we do on the head...and we probably do on a good day. Shame we can't always have good days :). A full scale old fashioned binge is different. Confession is good for the soul they say, and there is much truth in 'we are as sick as our secrets' but we need to find the reason our resolve slips when we are to all intents and purposes on a roll. Someone I once knew, when I went bawling and crying that I had messed up again, would always come back with the same retort...'Who are you angry at?' Darn it - I wasn't angry at anyone -- well -- maybe I was...Maybe I was angry with me, and my seeming inability to do something as simple as feed myself - it doesn't take Einstein does it?. Anger and resentment are the two biggest reasons why people binge. If I look at what or who I am angry at, and sort that through, learn to forgive myself or others, to make amends, nine times out of ten they are to myself --just for being a human doing. I find it easier to stick to my resolve, to what I know to be the next right thing to do.

    266 ...Who are you angry at?


  2. Yes you can do it!! Don't panic though. As long as you get back on track you're good I think.:-)

  3. Don't let it throw you off too much. I think it's so normal to allow some fear to slip in when you are getting closer and closer to goal.

    Stay strong and focused. And think of this as practice for maintenance.

  4. It's a slip. You've acknowleged it. If it's not back off by Saturday, that's ok. Just move forward. You are the same girl who has lost 110 pounds. It's only 3 lbs. Alot of it is probably water retention as well...

  5. Sorry...I wrote 3 lbs...not 5 lbs....

    Anyhow...it's just a bump in the road..

  6. Yup, you had a slip and you recognized the slip right away. The hardest part about all of this is accepting we can't go back to who and what we did before... we have to accept our new healthy habits and stick with them. But a slip, is a slip... keep moving forward!

  7. Hey now, don't freak out about this! It's a slip, sure, but you know what you're doing and you know how to stop. Even if it takes a bit of time, you will definitely figure this out and move past it. Trust me, going back to old habits will get old pretty damned quickly and you'll find yourself right back here, back to your usual successful ways. I have no doubt that this will be both minor and temporary.

  8. 266, you can do this.... hang in there! Read my post tomorrow BUT definitely Thursday. That one, I think, may really help you.

  9. amazing success!!
    I need to find your older posts!



  10. My heart is with you 266! I know you're disappointed. You have had AMAZING success and this little slip is a reminder that you are human. I was beginning to question that fact!!! You do lose fast, and it's not "real" weight as in five pounds of fat...impossible. Big hug from Southern Ontario sweetness!

  11. well, yesterday is dead and gone.
    You know where you are, and where you want to go.
    You can definitely do this.
    Back otk.
    Rooting for you.

  12. You all give me so much to smile about! Thank you for everything!!!

    Blue, I think that's an excellent line of thinking. I want to say that if I am mad at someone that it is me (of course). I think more accurately, I was very tired and made the decision that I didn't have any fight in me. This is hard - changing so much and for the rest of our lives - and it does bother me sometimes that I feel like I don't have the luxery of having these mechanisms built in like so many others. Last night was symptomatic of that, I think. I wanted to give in to my old habits and be comforted by what seems to come naturally to me (which I don't think neccessarily means that this lifestyle does not usually feel the same; they are just different facets of the same gem). Thank you for making me take a closer look at this and helping me to examine my thoughts a little closer.