Sunday, March 21, 2010

Run Ragged

Last night’s C25K jog sucked. Ugh! What a horrible run! I felt bloated and slow for most of it and even got a couple of stitches in my side towards the end. I came really close to slowing down to a walking pace a few different times in the last five minutes or so. I really have no idea how I managed to finish it off without stopping because – I have to say – it was hard!

Sometimes things are just rough, I guess. And sometimes things are made rough by our own actions. I know I didn’t create the best running circumstances for myself given that I initially put the program off for a day – which meant I was committed to doing the jog on an evening that I knew I had a family supper to attend. Plus, I overate at said dinner which left me feeling extremely heavy even after several hours of digestion. Sigh…

Lesson learned (I hope).


  1. It is rough at times. Plain and simple. You worked through it and ran anyways. Good for you.

  2. I also learned that lesson about a full stomach and trying to run the hard way. Like you, I had also waited a while to run, but I still felt heavy and it was not easy to finish the session.

    Good for you for pressing through. :)

  3. DID it.....and you are amazing for even trying after a big time will be easier.

    About a month ago I tried to run first thing in the morning...before eating anything. I used to do that...way back in my youth...but not on this journey. I was a little nervous about it...but it actually felt great. Who knew? As summer nears and it gets lighter earlier...I plan to hit the streets in the early am more often.

  4. But.. You did it! and that was a great kesson in its self! That you can make yourself do something that you dont want to.

    I have to keep re-teaching myself this very valuable lesson as well. :)

  5. You embraced the trial. Yeah! It really can be miserable but the other side is worth it. E.

  6. U got an award, go to my site!

  7. :o) Thanks!!!

    Great, that a great idea! I will definitely consider a few early morning jogs.

  8. Ha ha ha... sorry that was supposed to be addressed to Greta (who I am sure is, indeed, great!)