Monday, March 15, 2010

Daylight Savings And Then Some

My sleeping schedule is significantly changing – and it’s not just due to the clocks being moved forward an hour – so from now on I will be posting at different times than I normally have. Until this point, I was generally putting up journal entries in the mid-afternoon and around two or three in the morning, but now it will likely be sometime in the morning and prior to midnight.

Through these changes I will continue to strive for writing two posts each day. I know that it is not something that I am likely to be able to maintain forever, but I really like how it focuses me early in my day and allows me, at the end of my night, to think about whatever happened throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening. I feel like it especially assists me when preparing to face challenging moments and when I am assessing what went right or wrong with my plans to continue with this healthier lifestyle.

I have to say that blogging is a much bigger part of this journey than I ever would have guessed it might be. It is an amazingly useful tool and I am so thankful that I discovered it and its amazing counterpart: this outstanding online community.

So, due to my drastically altered schedule I must now head to bed because I am actually up a bit late, even though it is really early to me. I hope I don’t have too much trouble switching over to a new sleeping pattern. It’s probably a really good thing that I made sure the tea I had an hour ago was decaffeinated!

- 8 glasses of water
- 1 wrap on a soft tortilla shell with ham, spicy cheese, dried cranberries, spinach, fat free Miracle Whip, mustard, and pepper
- 2 small Mandarin oranges
- 3 cups celery with homemade hummus
- 2 packages reduced-sugar apples and cinnamon instant oatmeal
- 1 pear
- 8 whole wheat crackers
- 1 large mug decaffeinated tea with milk
- 1 cup strawberries

- 1 hour of walking completed in 3 outings (all 20 minutes long)
- 1 hour and 15 minutes of rowing a dragon boat


  1. You are rockin' along my friend! I agree with you completely about the benefits of blogging along the way. I wouldn't be where I am had I not started my blog. I just wouldn't have understood it all like I do now. It took sorting out a lot of things over the last 546 days---to really understand where I always went wrong and how I could do this right. And the weight loss blogging community is amazing!!!!

    My best always

  2. Whatever is good for you, you should do! I hardly can get 1 post a day out! :-)

    The time change is hard in that I get up at crazy early times to work out so until the bod adjusts, I may fall asleep standing up! :-O

  3. I never expected blogging to be what it is either. It's been an amazing part of the journey. Happy zzzzz's.

  4. Thank you all! I love what blogging (and the community) has done for me and I can't imagine giving it up!