Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Days Grace

The Three Day Jump Start Challenge is over and I am so glad that I did it! It was very good for me to have something that kept me focused over this long weekend and I am feeling more confident going into the rest of the week. In the past couple of months, I have slowly started to feel like my resolve was slipping just a little when Fridays came around, but this endeavor really kept me on track with the eating and the exercise during my most difficult part of the week.

A big thanks to my co-sponsor Lainey who also brought a lot of enthusiasm to the project! My appreciation also goes out to FoolsFitness, LauraLynne, Leah, Leslie, and Lisa for joining us on this excursion into a triumvirate of health focused days! I hope that you all feel like this helped you out and that you can continue the patterns you just set up in the days yet to come. Feel free to sport the challenge badge on your own blogs if you wish – you should all be very proud of what you accomplished!


  1. I can't see the badge for some reason & I know I missed something during my crazy days but I am glad you are back! I have crazy days ahead but will still try to read what I can.. keep it up!

  2. *SIGH* 2 days. I did well for 2 days. well - 2.9 days. Last night, as I was staring over the edge, I fell off, just a little.
    but 2.9 days. I'll take that much success. And today is a new day.
    thanks for the challenge!

  3. This did give me great ideas for a personal challenge I'm going to start soon.

    Thanks again!

    LauraLynne...2.9 is great!!! Probably better than had you not done it at all, right?

  4. I had full intentions of participating but didn't do that great....i gave in to some chocolate temptations....but i love the idea!! I am setting little goals for every day that help!
    Thanks for the motivation! :)

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed your challenge this weekend! :)

  6. Way to go completing the challenge! :)

  7. Good job on getting going. That is always the hard part.

  8. Jody, I am not sure why you can't see it here, but it is also at the bottom of my blog on the sidebar.

    LauraLynne, I think you did great! It's not about being perfect, just about striving for better!

    Thanks, all!