Friday, March 19, 2010

Nothing Can Hold A Torch To This Feeling

I am so tired! But I had so much fun! I took my Paralympic torch down to the city centre late this afternoon to let people hold it and take photos with it. We ended up with a steady stream of both tourists and locals for about six hours (taking one quick break for food and another to use the washroom). Everyone seemed so excited to have their time with the torch and one woman, who works for the big museum downtown, even told my husband that I was quite the ambassador!

After placing a number of phone calls this week, I finally got to speak with someone official today who was able to tell me that going downtown in my relay garb with the torch is definitely being encouraged. I am completely exhausted, but that won’t stop me from returning tomorrow and on Sunday! I have never had the opportunity to make such a large amount of people so happy at once and I just can’t pass it up!

I do have to admit to one drawback… I am so beat that I decided to put off doing my C25K session until tomorrow. It doesn’t put me behind at all, but I feel a tiny bit guilty that I am opting out because I am essentially too tired from playing! Oh, well! I suspect that I burned a lot of calories today from simply walking around and flexing those cheek muscles due to all the smiling I was doing. Good moods burn fat, right!?!

Remember, this is the last chance to enter my giveaway!!!

- 7 glasses of water
- 1 banana
- 2 egg wrap on a soft tortilla shell with grated cheese, frozen spinach, and pepper
- 6 inch sub on a whole wheat bun with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, onion, black olives, light mayonnaise, mustard, and pepper
- 3 small Mandarin oranges
- 1 sip of gingerbread steamed soy milk
- 1 cranberry and almond multi-grain bar
- 1 gala apple with cinnamon

- 30 stomach crunches
- 15 lunges for each leg
- 15 squats


  1. Fun, fun, fun!!
    Congrats and don't even feel guilty about putting that off. You are making so many people happy! :)

  2. You must be proud of yourself. Nothing makes oneself feel better than making others happy. It's like giving them a gift. You're a good woman 266. We are all proud of you in every way. Looking forward to seeing your numbers later! You are sooooo close! Not long now! What a celebration that will be!

  3. I just found your blog from another blog. Wow! You are an inspiration to me! Congratulations on carrying the Paralympic torch. As a Canadian living in the US I am so proud of my Canada and all they have done for the Olympics...I like the accountability part of writing down your food intake daily and your exercise too. I think I will adopt it AND writing down your highest weight...I need that! Thank you! Elizabeth

  4. is so much better than guilt! and Congrats on carrying the torch!

  5. Thanks, all! There were a couple of guys I met my first time out with the torch (last Friday) who really encouraged me to go down with it again - I really owe them, and my ever supportive husband, a lot for motivating me to look into doing it again. I love the happiness that is spreading through the city - woo hoo!