Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jump Start Your Life

Alright, who wants a challenge?! I have conspired with the fabulous Lainey over at Shrink to come up with the fun Three Day Jump Start Challenge! My co-sponsor and I hope you will join us in lighting a fire under our slowly diminishing, and still in progress, behinds!

So, what do you have to do to join in on the excitement? Recommit to your healthier lifestyle for three days. That’s it! There are no specifics, no pressure, and no grand expectations. Starting tomorrow, just focus on what works for you – we all know that the plan designed for the individual is the one that works the best – and do it well for three days.

Less structured downtime can be so hard and that’s why we decided to run this challenge on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If you can get three of the toughest days under your belt hopefully that will lead into a great week, and maybe even a nice long run of success! We suspect that the focus you may discover during this long weekend will spur you (and us) onto long term triumphs. Sometimes all it takes is that first step – or leap!

Lainey and I really hope you will accept our invitation to join in on the Three Day Jump Start Challenge, and as extra incentive we created this little badge for those participants who wish to display it on their blogs. It says, “That’s right, I jumped in with both feet and I liked it!”


  1. I'm in! I start back to work tomorrow after 6 weeks off for knee surgery. I feel a bit sluggish and doughy, so a challenge that is gentle and personalized is just what I need. Thanks!

  2. I posted about it! I sort of turned slacker and linked to here so they can read all about it, though, lol!

  3. This is weird...I was thinking of doing something along these lines starting Monday (just not a challenge beyond my own self) and I was wondering how many days/weeks to start with.

    Honestly, I'll get back to you by Friday morning as to whether or not I join in ...but I've a feeling it will be a yes. :) The timing is to perfect to my brewing thoughts all week.

  4. Lets get jumping!!! With the peaks of nicer weather here on the edge of spring I'm a bit antzy to get going!

    Recently I got a new bicycle and just a couple of days ago I've tried to start focusing on eating foods that are a bit more healthy.

    Mybe I don't need a jump start. I have an old standard gear car... if we can get it rolling I can pop the clutch and she'll get started!!!

    At Foolsfitness we pledge if all goes well that on one of those days we'll "jump" into the gyms pool in honor of the challenge to get a workout in.- Alan

  5. Yay! Glad to have everyone on board!!!

    Leah, let me know it you decide to join; we'd love to have you participate!

    Foolsfitness, I understand the antzy (it's akin to enthusiasm)... hang onto that feeling for as long as you can!!!

  6. I'm in... :)

    Here's my post: