Friday, January 22, 2010

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

I feel like a big liar even though I know that's not the case. The scale is back down again today. It seems like literally every single time I start to question whether I will have a loss for the week or not, the number suddenly drops the next day and my mind is largely put at ease.

Compared to yesterday morning I have gone down over a pound and a half. Seriously? I know I said my food intake was low yesterday due to decreased hunger, but it wasn't that bad. Again, I think I am going to have to chalk this one up to the joys of being a woman.

It's weird though. Every time - whether it is due to hormones or not - I mention that I am weighing in over my last official number as the next Saturday approaches (which, by the way, I think I am probably doing as a defensive and preparatory mechanism), I wake up to find that my weight has plummeted while I slept and that the likelihood of a weekly loss is nearly secured.

I'm not complaining. This is just an observation on the oddities of my particular weight loss and healthier lifestyle plan.

Nevertheless, I feel like the boy who cried wolf except that I am actually seeing the wolves in the surrounding forest, but they dart away before anyone else can confirm that they were there. Maybe I'm paranoid. Perhaps I am still not completely used to the normal ebb and flow of my body. It's possible that I just need to get my eyes checked. Whatever the case may be, I will try to remember that no matter what the scale is telling me throughout the week that I just need to remain focused on the task at hand while keeping the knowledge of the circling wolves tucked away in the peripheral of my mind.


  1. Hey, I just caught up with your posts!
    I LOVE that you're taking belly dancing lessons! I wish they offered them around me. It looks like a lot of fun.
    I hear ya on the scale - I wouldn't worry too much, though. You know when you're eating right and moving, so if the scale's up a bit, just chalk it up to sodium, or TOM, or the planets shifting - all those things that can affect our weight!

  2. Just checked out your progress pictures!!!!
    A_M_A_Z_I_N_G F_A_B_U_L_O_U_S F_A_N_T_A_S_T_I_C S_U_P_E_R_B

    Get what I am trying to say;o)?



  3. Saw you on Tammy's blog and just started reading yours today. Good writing. Boy have you kicked butt on the weight loss, great going. I'll start dropping in on you. You can find me at:

  4. You know, If I were you and this is some sort of cosmic joke...I would write it every day in the hopes that I would be greeted with a one pound loss the following day.
    Who knows, you may have found the mythical fountain of fat loss.
    Great job...hope your loss is big.

  5. I haven't been by your blog in a while... so glad I visited. YOu're doing great. Mind sharing the mythical fountain of fat loss with me?

  6. Why is weight in day so scary for everyone, even me while losing..
    Now I just take what my body gives me and am grateful.
    I've learned through this journey I've been on that there are more important things to worry about. I focused on losing weight for a year and everything else fell to the have my life balanced again.
    Not saying this is your case at all...I'm just sharing my personal experience here with you...I also think its one of the reasons I lost my represented my life...out of balance!!

  7. It's not paranoia if the wolves are really out to get you ;)

  8. Ha ha! If it was the mythical fountain of fat loss I would be one popular lady!

    Marcelle, that's a great thought... for me, I think the reason I want so badly to see a loss is because it keeps the bar high. I know that a gain or a wash wouldn't be the end of the world, but continuing with the losses means that my goal feels like it stays loftier week to week.

  9. Stop worrying about the wolves and take a good look at your pictures and BE PROUD. That is an amazing achievement, really AMAZING. My weight can fluctuate by 5 pound in a day; don't know why but it can be disheartening. Keep going in the same direction though YOU are doing just great xxx

  10. You have come so far but I know what you mean. I get on the scale everyday even though I only record 1 day. I still write every days weight and sometimes it drives me nuts.

  11. For me, I am generally pretty unemotional towards the beginning and middle of the week about it. I know there are always flucuations so I try not to worry if the scale is up then. However, it is the last day or two before a weigh-in that I start to get a bit uneasy! ;)