Friday, January 29, 2010

Three... Three NSV's... Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah!

I have some non-scale victories I want to mention! The first one is that I am now able to comfortably buckle the seat belt of any seat in any vehicle I find myself needing to get into. Over the last three or four years this had really started to become a bit of an issue for me. Back seats (especially the middle ones) were the worst! I even had a few times when I was forced to switch places with the person in the front passenger seat because the belt just wouldn’t encircle my body where I was. I know on a couple of occasions I even had to really yank and fight with the front straps too in order to get them to work. But, no more! As far as my experiences have proven over the past month or so, I can now comfortably utilize all belts in all cars, vans, and trucks!

Secondly, I have found that my eye is being drawn to store side windows much more often. I just can’t get over the fact that it is me I am seeing in the reflection! I used to dread catching a glimpse of myself walking down the street like that because it would remind me of what I actually looked like and it would instantly deflate any of the self-esteem I had derived from my false perception of my appearance. Now, however, I am able to stroll along the road and peer frequently at myself in those shop windows and feel good about what is staring back.

Last, but not least, is an NSV that happened just yesterday. I am now able to wash every inch of my back without using a scrubber of any sort! Up until now, I have had to make use of a long handled back brush or a dangling bath poof in order to properly cleanse my upper back. The area between my shoulder blades and a little lower, in the center of my trunk, was simply inaccessible to my hands due to my large size and lack of flexibility, so I have been improvising to ensure maximum cleanliness. Well, no more! I am now quite able to reach all the way around myself to scrub away the sweat of my last workout without the need for fancy bath accessories!


  1. Wonderful - all!
    Yay for the NSV!

  2. Those are wonderful NSV's!!! Congrats!

  3. These are all really important and really great NSVs! Look at you....174 and BMI of are really rocking this!!!!!

  4. Awesome NSV's! And great motivation for those of us that are just beginning our are showing us that we CAN do this!



  5. awesome.
    I do the same things with store doors.
    I used to try to walk towards the middle so I wouldn't see my reflection in the windows. Now sometimes, I move over to see my thighs looking thinner.
    silly I know, but it makes me happy.

  6. You're doing great!

    I don't think I've ever been able to reach my whole back without implements...

  7. Wow. Congrats on all of these great NSVs. Those are even better than scale victories, when you think about it. Your quality of life is improving. That's AMAZING!!

  8. Congrats!!! These are wonderful NSV!!

  9. Loving them all! Cmousler, silly is good! Lainey, your time will come; just stay commited and you will reap the benefits!

  10. YAY!!! I'm just beginning to feel clothes getting more loose and bending down isn't so hard...I understand these NSV! CONGRATS!