Thursday, January 7, 2010

Watching Paint Dry Would Be More Exciting Than This

They took away my clothes today. All the items I packed up a couple of days ago were on their way to a charity as of this afternoon. It’s weird to think that I am now rid of all the things that didn’t fit… there’s no turning back now.

My day has been okay. I am feeling a bit emotional. I am still having a lot of trouble finding an affordable winter coat and new exercise pants. Everything costs so much and I just don’t want to fork out the money when I know that I will only be wearing what I buy for a short time before I am too small to make it work anymore. Positive thinking at its best, but it’s still leaving me frustrated.

I forced myself to eat what I did today. I just was not hungry at all. I guess consuming all the random things that I did yesterday threw my body for a loop.

I wish I had more exciting stuff to talk about, but that’s all I’ve got. Maybe tomorrow I will have tales of musical ninja aliens to report, but this was just a low key, boring kind of day.

- 8 glasses of water throughout the day
- 1 banana
- 1 wrap on a soft pesto tortilla shell with deli chicken breast, grated cheese, spinach, dried cranberries, fat free Miracle Whip, mustard, and pepper
- 2 egg omelet with cheese, cherry tomatoes, onion, and pepper
- 1 Mandarin orange
- 2 cups celery with tzatziki yogurt dressing and calorie-wise three cheese ranch dressing

- 2 hour walk
- 25 minute workout video


  1. Have you looked at second hand stores? Sometimes they are cheap and sometimes they are worse then a regular store though. Just a thought since you will be getting rid it anyway!

  2. I hear you on the money. I wear some really old workout stuff.. NOT GOOD when the sports bras are all worn out! YIKES! Good thing I am VERY small, boob wise or it could look ugly!

    Hope you are getting back to normal soon!

  3. I have shopped a lot at second hand stores for in-between stuff. It's actually kind of an "in" thing to do here, even for the young people. I've found a lot of good stuff and sometimes even get compliments on it! I have sworn that when I arrive at goal I will treat myself forever to name brand clothes not necessarily on sale. Not sure I can hold to that, but I sure am tired of buying from discount stores because I know that "soon" I will be a smaller size.

  4. I don't know what resources you have where your located but second hand is great or if your looking for "cheap and new", because it isn't going to fit long. Try old navy I got my son and hubby a new coat last evening ( each under 20.00) and they have all thier winter stuff dirt cheap right now. You might find something there that my suit you in an affordable way.

  5. A successful weight loss journey isn't always the most exciting thing in the world to talk about (why do you think I post so much jibber-jabber?)

    But the results... the results are truly spectacular. Keep it up!

  6. Target and Wal Mart (also trift stores) may offer an affordable option!

  7. I am with Melissa - Target has some good prices. You can always try eBay too. I found some workout pants in PINK for like $10 :-)

  8. definatly resale stores or even your local freecycle can post wanteds and offers.

  9. I would think you'd hit some good sales on coats around now...I know Macy's is having a one day sale this saturday...
    Have you tried eBay??

  10. Some of my favorite pieces were purchased on ebay. I hope to sell some things when they get too big.

  11. I bought my Christmas sweater at a Goodwill for $4. I can't see spending a mint on clothes when I will not be this size next winter. (Please, I won't be able to stand it if I don't succeed this time).

    I don't have a coat either. I have been making do with mens sweatshirts and hoodies that I wear in layers. I keep looking around but I haven't even found anything in goodwill.

    Good luck in your search!

  12. Hm did you check walmart online for exercise pants? They have some & with shipping are still really cheap. I agree, sometimes I think about all the stuff I can wear when I'm 2, 3, 4 sizes down but I can't see myself buying it when I hope to be out of it soon!