Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank You Note

Today should be good exercise-wise. I have a workout video and my belly dancing class that I am committed to; I also think I may try to fit a nice walk into my afternoon as well. Food should be good as I am on track with it so far and don’t foresee any issues arising later on. Mentally, I am right where I need to be.

I’ve noticed lately that I have quite a few new followers of this blog and I wanted to say hello, welcome, and thank you! It is often a bit of a puzzle to me as to why anyone might want to tag along on my journey, but it means the world that you do. I absolutely could not have made as much progress as I have without the support and motivation that this online community has given. I honestly can not put into words the appreciation that I have for the gifts you have given me, so to all the freshest faces – and for all my fabulous, familiar friends – I must simply say thank you so much!


  1. I a newbie here and just wanna say THANK YOU for being committed and giving the rest of hope that YES it can be done! :) I'm at the beginning of my journey and it is great to see what others are doing, helpful hints, etc...

    Thanks for letting us journey with you!


  2. Hi, I'm glad to follow through your journey. I hope I can learn a tip or two along the way.

  3. New follower here. I'm just glad I found you, you are very inspiring!

  4. Great job, it feels good to be in the right place mentally doesn't it.
    It's h*ll when things are off and you have to fight yourself.

  5. Hi, I'm Audrey. I'm one of your new followers.

    It's inspirational seeing someone do what I want to do. To see them reaching goals that I want to reach. To know that yes, indeed, what I want is possible.

    Not only are you greatful for us, but I know that I am greatful for you sharing your journey.

  6. I know the feeling. I don't know why people follow my blog, but it helps to know that someone is looking -- it helps me keep to my exercise schedule.
    Um... not that you need the help, you're doing great on your own! But in case you ever falter, know that we're here reading what you write and mentally encouraging you along the path.

  7. how was the day? the belly dancing?



    feel free to nag me should you have a spare moment :)

    In bellydancingjealousy,


  8. You are all SO amazing and wonderful! Thank you!

    Miz, belly dancing was awesome! The day was great! It's just been a fantastic Tuesday! :)

  9. I love success stories and this is one in the making. We're all hanging out here for your "goal weight" pics! I am stocking up on confetti and balloons in the meantime!

  10. So glad to see your comment this morning! I've checked in on you from time to time and am amazed at your progress!

  11. I am finally getting over my phase of following anonymously.
    So I put my pic box back on your followers list.